Sunday, January 27, 2008

To much of somethings is overwhelming!

With a family our size we have an abundance of stuff. Stuff could mean a variety of things like Lego's, Thomas the trains, "Cars", girls shoes, hair clips, and the list could go on. But on this day I mean the dirty word LAUNDRY !!! Arthur, Wesley, and myself had the joy of going to California last week for a home school/ family enrichment conference. It was a wonderful week and we received such a blessing.I"ll share more of that another day. I told the girls and the sitter not to worry about doing the laundry while I was gone. You could say I'm a little picky, with how things are washed. I really didn't think it would be to bad when I came back. Not thinking about the fact I do at least 3 loads of laundry a day. I guess you can do the math. Not a pretty sight!!! This is what the laundry looks like at this point and we have been home a week. Not to mention I did 8 loads the first day we got home. If everyone could just see it my way and wear the same clothes for the next several days until I catch up.LOL I am getting a little better I do let them help me fold. We like to call this the folding party. The funny thing is I really like to do the laundry. I hope that isn't one of my spiritual gifts?!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OK I promise to never complain about laundry again... today. LOL Sheesh! I HATE folding and putting laundry away. Don't really mind the washing and drying part though! LOL

Beth said...

I shall not complain about my small laundry pile for just 4 people!!!! I too don't mind washing and drying - but that folding part really gets to me.