Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Amanda...our second child

Amanda loving on Dozer

Amanda is 14 years old and looks the most like me of any of the children. She and Elizabeth are 18 months apart in age. Amanda went to public school until 2nd grade and has homeschooled since. She is in the 8th grade now. She is on a private christian schools basketball team. Amanda has taken piano and guitar. She really likes music and enjoys singing. Her new love is reading American history and the Dear America books. Amanda has been on many family vacations, New York with grandparents, and to Nicaragua and really loves traveling; to see new places. But, if you ask me what the first thing I think of when I think of Amanda, I would have to say her love for Animals. She has a unreal love for animals. This is great since we have always been in the pet business. (Side note Arthur owned a pet store when we meet and had it for 13 years. We sold it and then he managed a Petco for 4 years, was a sales Rep. for an aquatics/ live animal wholesale company in Atlanta, to present owner of a grooming, boarding, dog daycare. The grooming came from me I'm a licensed groomer.) Back to Amanda...all animals love her,too. When she was just 11 we had a lab mix at the store for boarding, we couldn't get it out of the kennel. Arthur and I both tried and it about ate us up. Sad to say we went and got Amanda and the dog came right out for her. Now we are like what were we thinking??? Anyway she is like our dog whisperer, she has such a way with them. You would think she would be scared of dogs. A dog bit her in the face when she was 4, at our store. The next day she was all over the dogs that came in for grooms and getting the kittens out of the sales cage. She has always felt the need to take care of Gods creatures. Amanda is active at church and loves helping with the 1st grade Awanas. Amanda worries about not knowing what she is going to do one day. We just tell her take it one day at a time. Not everyone has a plan at 14. I know I didn't, yet I never would have dreamed God would have me where I am today. I know that one day with all the different interest she has a unbelievable passion will grow. If you just leave it up to HIM! I'm so proud of her and the heart she has.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Amanda is beautiful! I loved getting to know more about her. I had a "plan" when I was 14... let's just say I didn't end up there... funny thing about God having other plans for us! ;)

Beth said...

Amanda is beautiful!! What a wonderful post!! Enjoyed getting to "know" about her!