Thursday, February 7, 2008

California Trip

I wanted to share with everyone about our trip to Anaheim, California. We went January 16th thru the 21st. Arthur, Wesley and I went, wish we all could have gone. The other kids stayed home with a sitter. The store stayed open with Elizabeth and Amanda running things. We had some wonderful friends that stayed with the girls at the store. We went to hear the Maxwell family. It was a Homeschool/ Family enrichment conference on Friday and Saurday. On Saturday evening we got the great pleasure to attend Saddleback Church and hear Rick Warren speak. Wesley did great, even in a nursery he didn't know. They told us he must have felt right at home because, he gave them 2 very big stinky diapers while there. Of course they wanted to know where we were from. I ask Artuhr if he thought they were asking because of our accent or the big hopes we don't return!!! Anyway the conference was great as was the service. We had the pleasure of staying at Disneyland Hotel overlooking Downtown Disney. This was hard not to have all the kids to share this with. We have only left the kids for mission trips in the past. This trip was one we prayed about for several months and the doors just opened for us to go. The other days we just drove around to sight see. I haven't been to California since I was 6, my mother grew up there. Arthur has been several times on business with Petco, but not for pleasure. So much to see so little time, but we enjoyed every minute we had!

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ahhhh I miss California! I was born and raised there and we lived there until we moved here in 2004. We had season passes to Disneyland and we'd go every Sunday... our routine was Church, Lunch, Disneyland. LOL We've been to Saddleback a couple times, it's a great church! (Not as good as ours in Riverside though! ;)) Glad you had a good time!