Sunday, February 10, 2008

Elizabeth-----the oldest

Nicaragua mission trip October 2007
Elizabeth at the orphanage holding Katrina.

Christmas 2007

Elizabeth is our oldest, she will be 16 in just two weeks. She went to school until 3rd grade and has homeschooled since, and is now in 10th grade. From the day we found out she was a girl we knew she would be named Elizabeth, after Arthur's mother. Arthur's mother passed away before we met, but from all I know about her, we picked the right name. Elizabeth is shy but getting so much better. She likes organization and structure---it's a first child thing. She really enjoys being outside and sports of any kind, she was on a select soccer team for 4 years. As she has gotten older we are seeing new passions growing. Elizabeth has a true love for the Lord, children, and missions. She has been on 4 mission trips in the states. She went to Istanbul, Turkey last spring and has gone 3 times to Nicaragua. She has a great love for the people of Nicaragua and feels very drown to missions in that country. They have ask that she come and intern there this summer for 2 weeks. This would be without Arthur, myself or church members going. She would stay in the mission home of PIC based out of Knoxville,TN. and help the mission leaders that live there. This is we are praying about, she is still our BABY. Elizabeth is very creative and is now taking art. She was always a doodler but when applied she just took off. I'm sure this has to do with the fact she always trys to seek perfection in whatever she does. I think being the oldest and then having 8 other sibling behind you has to be hard. She has been the guinea pig for everything we have done and is such a trooper. We know God has great plans for her.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WOW that drawing is AWESOME!!! It was fun getting to know a little about Elizabeth, keep us posted on if she goes this summer... if she does you should ask her to start her own blog so we can share her experiences!

Beth said...

I agree with Renee - she should start a blog if she goes this summer!!! That was another great post! I'm enjoying getting to "know" something about each of your children!