Tuesday, February 26, 2008

James....our sixth child

Christmas 2007

Orlando, Florida November 2007

James is 7 and in first grade. James smile and soft heart helps him get out of trouble at times. He is a big time Mama's boy and my shadow. When he isn't up and underneath me he is all over Madison. I guess there are so many of us none of us get much, if any alone time. In James case this is a good thing, he always wants someone around. The other morning he wanted me to come to his room with him while he made his bed. Yes, he is high maintenance! You would think he would be shy but, he isn't. He loves people and very seldom meets a stranger. He really enjoys elderly people and loves to spend time with his great grandmother, she is 88. Each year we close the store for a week in November for vacation, it seems to fall on James birthday each year. This past year he got to spend his birthday at Animal Kingdom, he is already planning out the trip for this year. James isn't like Madison and all about sports, even though he loves to be outside. He would stay outside all day long if the weather permitted. He is a great swimmer and in the summer we find it hard to keep him out of the pool. He really likes to draw, color, paint, and work on any kind of project. He likes to be busy and he's not a TV watcher. He even likes to help me cook, I think that is because he is always wanting to snack. James is very funny about his appearance, hygiene, and his personal possessions. He takes pride in anything that is his, without being taught it just comes natural for him.Elizabeth has always been the same way. This can be good and bad, because they want to make sure everything stays like new or they want to save them in fear that it will get damaged. I'm working on this with him, Elizabeth does better now, yet is still a clean freak. There are somethings you wish you didn't pass on to your children!!! James has enjoyed his little brother Wesley so much, he is so gentle with him and loves to make him laugh. James favorite animal is the monkey, which suites him since he is a goof all the time and a face maker. Other things he enjoys are Lego's, pirate ships, and cowboy stuff. James is a very bright boy and learns easily...when he isn't being a clown! This can make teaching fun and never dull. He has so much energy, I wish I did. Shesh!! I pray James always keeps his positive attitude and continues seeing the glass as half full.

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

James sounds a lot like my Kameron. He must be a special kid! :)