Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jonathan Michael...our fifth child

Jonathan talking with Minnie at Animal Kingdom.

Jonathan making his gingerbread man.

Christmas 2007
Jonathan not sure where to start with him. There are so many things I could tell you about him. I will start with he is 9 and has down syndrome.We found out Jonathan had DS when I was 16 weeks pregnant with him. This gave us lots of time to prepare. Some of you know 9 years ago the books on DS were way out of date and it was hard to find stuff on the Internet. The information on DS has come a long way, I just wish society as a whole had come as far. People upset me because of their shallow thinking. That is one of the bazillion reasons I feel so blessed to have him as my child, he has taught our family so much. I have a very different view on life in general since Jonathan joined our family. Each day is a new adventure with him from learning to medical issues. I will blog about his birth story another day but, you need to know he has been a fighter from day one. Jonathan is a happy boy who loves to laugh and tease. He likes being silly, playing, and cutting up with his brothers and sisters. He likes to play with stuffed animals, Groovy "Guys" Girls, games, and dress-up with the Halloween customs. One of his very favorite things to do is eat and, he is always hungry. He wears hearing aids and has since he was 10 months old. Jonathan speaks very little and in the fall put two words together for the first time. He does sign when he's not to busy with his hands playing. These are the times we see his stubborn grumpy side come out, yet it doesn't last but a couple of minutes. Jonathan makes his own bed so well you could bounce a quarter of it. He is a great kitchen helper setting and cleaning off the table. Jonathan doesn't like to see anyone hurt or crying, he wants to love them up and make it all better. His sweet hugs and the pats on the back.... melt my heart. Jonathan has a very high pain tolerance so, if he cries it's because his feelings have gotten hurt.....and that breaks my heart! Jonathan's all time favorite things would be holidays, vacations, reunions, and birthdays (every ones b-day) because, these are the times when people gather to have fun and of course EAT! Here are just a few more words to describe Jonathan affectionate, trusting, compassionate, and forgiving these are just a few of the adjectives that describe him, the list goes on. Each day that I look at his smile I'm thankful for his extra chromosome, without it he wouldn't be Jonathan.....and we wouldn't know love the way we do now. We still have hard days but, I'm thankful to have a God of grace who carries us through!


Beth said...

What a wonderful post! He sounds like an amazing boy!!! Do you hire him out for services - i.e. - making beds so a quarter could bounce, setting and clearing the table?? HAHA!!

These posts about each of your children are wonderful!


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Yeah, I could use him to make beds here too! haha I SO hope to meet Jonathan one day... well I want to meet ALL of you, but especially him! ;) He and Kennedy can play Groovy Guys and Girls together.