Sunday, February 17, 2008

Madison Harold....our fourth child

Madison with all his brothers August 2007

Madison last Father's Day at Grandaddy's grave.

Madison turned 11 this past Wednesday. He is our first boy and a wonderful big brother. When Wesley was just an infant Madison could calm him down or put him to sleep as fast as me.Most of the time he was the only one Wesley wanted besides me. Madison's brothers fight over who gets to play with him and they each want one on one time with him. Madison enjoys playing sports he has played baseball, football, and basketball. He has one more basketball game before the season ends. His true love is football. He eats, drinks, and sleeps football. He likes to play it, watch it, and TALK about it. The talking wears me out at times because, I'm not football savvy. I try my best, most the time he knows I'm lost. He will stop and say "it's ok Mom I know your trying." I'm not sure if he likes playing it more or knowing the players/ history of the game. He can ramble off stats from every year back to the early 60's. About 90% of the time Madison has a football in his hands, even inside. Madison gets his love for knowledge of sports from his grandfather Hal, Arthur's dad. He was a journalist, editor/cheif of a newspaper and taught journalism at Lee University. One of Madisons other loves from the time he was 3 has been the military. He really likes the Army. Arthur's dad was a retired Major from the Army and was in WWII. He was a journalist in the war and had losts of stories to tell, Madison enjoyed hearing them. Madison loved the time he spent with his Grandaddy. When Hal got sick with lung cancer a few years ago Madison would go and sit with him, when Grandma Charlotte had errands to run. He would take his Army men to their house and they would play out wars. Madison misses him very much, he was loving, kind an Christ like. Before his death Hal wrote a book of his life and we have some tapes of him telling stories. This is how our other boys will get to know him, too. Madison enjoys church he is in choir, Awana, and helps with the Manna ministry. He goes with our neighbor Lonnie about 3 hours a week in help work in the Manna store. Lonnie has been our neighbor for 15 years and is a wonderful Godly man and a true blessing as a Grandfather figure. Madison is natured so well. I can count on one hand how many spankings he has ever gotten. Oh' yes we spank... that may not go over well with some of you ...sorry to offend you! I pray Madison grows to be a true gentle man, and a man after Gods heart.

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Sounds like Madison is a great kid! If you (and he) would like, I could give my husband your email address and he will email Madison from Afghanistan. Might be cool for him to email a Soldier.

Oh yes, and we spank too... rarely, because my kids are almost perfect (hahaha), but it happens from time to time.