Friday, February 22, 2008

Sleep Apnea

Well went to the doctor on Monday for Jonathan's result of his sleep study. As you can see he does have sleep apnea. Home health came to our house on Wednesday to bring his Cpap or as we call it Darth Vader Mask... he looks like he walked right out of Star Wars! William and Wesley share a room with Jonathan and the mask scares William.Jonathan on the other hand seems to like it. This mask is to big and we are going to have to call for a smaller one. The Cpap isn't FDA approved for someone of Jonathan's weight 40 pound but is for his age---insurance loves this and we are trying to work this all out. You know I just love the whole insurance circus..UGH!

I am working on posts about all the other children just been a crazy week. Doctors, Doctors, Doctors! That seems to be our life this winter but, still so thankful we aren't in the hospital!!! I'll update on all that later, too.


Beth said...

Well - I hope you get the insurance "thing" worked out - ridiculous!! You pay insurance - you should receive benefits, right? Wish it were that easy!!

Hope the mask/machine helps Jonathan!


The Journey Begins Here said...

I'm thinking about you. That's a shame when you are already frustrated and third parties get involved to complicate things. Theresa

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ugh insurance companies! GRRR That's so weird that they say the CPAP is not approved for his weight... they were wanting to put Kennedy on it... I can't even imagine the fight we would have had! Keep us posted!