Monday, February 4, 2008

Updates for Monday

Jonathan did good at the hospital and stole a few nurses hearts. He got really sick on the way home with stomach cramps. This was his third endoscopy but the first time he has ever gotten sick. When we got home he laid on the couch all day. He drank lots but never would eat. I took his temperature before bed and he has a fever. I hope he gets some rest tonight. As far as any results well, we don't have any.That's not a big surprise. His stomach was red and inflamed it could be a bacteria infection, they took a biopsy. They also took a biopsy of his small intestine to check what it does with his sugar intake. Funny thing is none of this had anything to do with why we went but glad they are checking it. The doctor said none of these things would be keeping him from gaining weight. We'll have the results in a week or so. The doctor said then we are looking at doing more test.

Jonathan's ENT appointment went well. He too has ordered test. While there Jonathan didn't pass his hearing test, not a surprise he never has. Dr. St. Charles couldn't believe that Jonathan has had 10 sets of PE tubes and at his age is still getting them one set after another. Over the past 4 years little has been done for Jonathan, it was nice to see someone want to find out where his hearing loss comes from. To start Joanthan is going in tomorrow night at 7:30pm for a sleep study. He grinds his teeth and works himself all night long. He may have sleep apnea and he has had his adniods out but they think that they may have grown back. Next week he is going to a hearing/speech testing set up like a play study. Jonathan says about 50 words but some not very clear. Then in 2weeks we are going to have some new allergy testing done. Then the doctor will look at all of this together and see what he can do for Jonathan. We know his tubes are out and not working, after only 4months. He will get new tubes and another ABR. Our prayer for Jonathan is that he will be able to communicate better with others.

Years ago I would wonder what life would be like for Jonathan and our family if he didn't have down syndrome. I don't wonder that anymore because I know God chose us to be the Munck family. I know that Arthur, the kids, and myself have grown in Gods love because of Jonathan, a growth you can only have from being part of a special childs life.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Amen to the last paragraph! :) Kennedy has sleep apnea too even with her tonsils and adenoids out. She still sleeps better than she did before her surgery though! I hope they get some answers for you.

Beth said...

I totally missed this post - sorry, have a new job and blog surfing is now not happening so much!

Hoping Jonathan is doing better!