Monday, March 17, 2008

Back to the land of the living....

Over the weekend our family came back to the land of the living. It so nice that we all could get out of the house...and we have stayed well!!! Friday Elizabeth and Amanda went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert, they said it was great. Arthur, the other kids, and I stayed in ate McDonald's and rented some movies..we loved Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. Saturday we finally got to celebrate Elizabeth's 16th birthday. We went out to eat at Kanpai of Tokyo, Japanese is her favorite. The boys had a ball watching the cooking, they had never been there. Then we went to the mall to get Wesley some walking shoes from Stride Rite. The boys also wanted to go see the new animals at Build a Bear. We looked at Build a Bear, walked through the pet store, bought Wesley's shoes and got out of was a mad house. It was a Saturday, the weekend before Easter, and had 9 kids with only one in a's easier to get around Disney World than the mall...not to mention much more fun. Going to the mall on a week day with our family is much easier! That evening the boys stayed with Arthur and the girls and I went to see the movie College Road Trip. It was very cute, funny, and clean...not something you find to often any more, as we say " it's a buyer." Sunday we ALL made it to church for the first time in 6 weeks. Arthur didn't have to go as a single parent or keep the nursery by himself again. This was another sign that we are back in the land of the living...WooHoo! After church Arthur and the girls left for Nashville for the day. The went to the Winter Jam concert, it had a mix of christian singers like Mercy Me, New Song, Barlow Girls, Skillet, and a few others. They had planned this in January, I'm so glad everyone was well enough to go. They stopped in Murfreesboro and picked up Arthur's sister Karen. Her son John was also going to go but, he had baseball. The girl were disappointed, they enjoy him so much. They had a blast, and didn't roll in until around 2AM. Yes, they have all been tired today, but they would do it again. As for the boys and I, we went to Awana at church. We came home and the boys ate their snack and went to bed. I had alone time, something no one gets to often in this house. I don't like to be alone and I like noise. So, I watched the movie Becoming Jane...I love Jane Austen novels. I guess you could say in one weekend we tried to make up for all the weekends we missed being sick. It was nice to finally use our Blockbuster and UEC movie gift cards from Christmas. This is not a typical weekend for us, it was a lot of fun. We have all had cabin fever and this really helped. I am soooo thankful for good health and happy kids!


Beth said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all!! But it sounds busy!!! Glad everyone is feeling better!!


The Journey Begins Here said...

Hi Laura.

I am so jealous of your girls. SCC is one of my favorites. We love the Cinderella song. I was surprised that College Road Trip is rated G. Nothing is rated G anymore. I haven't seen it yet but we are That's so Raven fans.

The winter jam sounded like a great time too. We had a quiet weekend. Amanda & I walked in the local St. Patrick's Day parade with her Irish Dance group.

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better! Theresa