Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Happy 16th Birthday Elizabeth, we love you!

Elizabeth standing by her car with her driver license, she
passed the test! Another driver in the family.

I wanted to share the story about Elizabeth's car. Elizabeth helps work at our family business. She has been saving her money for a few years, to put money towards a car. Well in the fall right before she left on the mission trip to Nicaragua Elizabeth shared with me that she didn't want to use the money she saved for a car. She would rather use the money to go on more mission trips, than have her own car. Then she said I can always drive the van if I want to go some where. By saying that it didn't mean just any van , it means a 15 passenger van....not a cool ride for a 16 year old! Anyway, we said OK that is fine, since missions is where your heart is. While Elizabeth was on her mission trip a family friend called us and ask if they could give Elizabeth their old car! They didn't know what Elizabeth had told me. They said they were just following their hearts and this is what God had laid on their hearts. WOW! What a true blessing. When Elizabeth came home from Nicaragua we picked her up at the church in her new car, she couldn't believe it. She cried the whole way home. Goes to show you can't out give GOD!


Beth said...

That is awesome!!! Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH!!!!!!!! You were totally born on the best day EVER! :)

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful family you have! And, the story about Elizabeth's car is amazing. God provides. Thanks for checking out Gavin's website. I'll be sure to check back in on your crew soon.
-Jennifer White