Monday, March 3, 2008

Sick and tired of the...FLU!

On January 28th Elizabeth came down with the flu and it has passed around our house. Next Amanda and Rebekah had it 7 days each, then Jonathan and James got it. Everyone in the house has had it except Wesley and myself. Last week Elizabeth came down with it again..UGH! She had a fever for 8 days straight running from 103.8 to 101. At the same time William, Stephen, and Arthur had it. It has taken the rest of the family 5 to 7 days to get over it. Saturday Madison came down with it, another week in the house. In the mix of all this Jonathan has had an Endoscopy, sleep study, allergy testing, 2 sets of x-rays, blood work, ENT play therapy, and several doctors visits.Now 18 doctors appointments later.... this has made us all tired! Jonathan is still a work in progress with the ENT and the GI doctors, they are still working on answers. I'll keep you updated on him. As for our house and the flu well.....we have used so much Lysol in our house it isn't funny. So, at this point we think the germs are in our carpet and walls, Arthur thinks maybe we should just burn the house!!! LOL
We have been very dull in the house since they got sick lots of movies, chicken noodle soup, gatorade, popsicles,temperatures taken, hugs, covers, and medicine. The kitchen computer area now has the dry wall mud on. I tried to keep the little boys out of it all day today, Paul(he's like a granddad to our kids) came at 10:00am and put a second coat of mud on. Well at dinner time it was still wet so we really watched to keep the boys off the walls. After dinner Elizabeth was standing in the kitchen talking to Arthur and I, and she leaned right into the wall. NOOOO!!!! Just had to laugh it was our biggest kid who touched the wall. Paul will just have to fix it tomorrow. Hope to have my computer in the kitchen by the end of next week. Rebekah started the High School Musical play on Friday, they had 3 this past week end and 4 more to go. The ones that were well went Friday night, the others are going this Sunday. I really wanted to go all together, I like to do things as a was sad not to share it all together.
I am still working on the blogs about each of the kids, thanks for hanging in there with me it has been a slow go. In February I wrote about Elizabeth, Amanda, Rebekah, Madison, Jonathan, and James surely in March I can get Stephen, William, and Wesley done.
Thankful for my kids and the joy they bring to us each day.


Beth said...

We are all sick with it too - I was out of work on Monday and now my husband is home today. I don't think mine was the "flu" - but I was miserable on Sunday/Monday. I'm not sure about husband - he has intestinal part as well as head cold!! YUCK! Luckily, the girls just have snotty noses right now! Hope they don't get any worse!!

I hope you ALL get to feeling better soon!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ugh we have had our rounds with it too, it's nasty nasty stuff!! Praying the flu bug gets out of your house for GOOD!