Thursday, March 27, 2008

Updates and pictures to come...soon!

This has been a very busy week for the Munck Family. I have lots to tell about and bunches of pictures to share....just not tonight I'm to tired!!! I have missed not getting to blog much this week, it's great therapy LOL! I have been so crazy that I had a choice, read other blogs and keep up with them or post on my blog....I choose to read others. Plus I'm still going through pictures of Easter that I want to share, I have so many it's hard. I'd love to do a slide show just don't know how....remember learning as I go. I'm always open to advice! So, I hope to do a marathon post this weekend and catch everyone up.


The Journey Begins Here said...

Your comments are a post in itself! Thank you so much. I want to copy and paste that in addition to my post. May I?

After Julian passed, I said no more. No more getting that close to another child. It just won't be the same anyway. But I kept reading Coleman's page. He stole my heart too.

God is good...all the time! Look, he brought us together.
Love you, Theresa

The Journey Begins Here said...

Ok...I didn't wait for the ok. But if you want me to remove it, just let me know. Theresa :)

Beth said...

Slide is a website for making slideshows and it is pretty easy as well - you just upload your photos, add captions if you want, and copy and paste HTML code into your post (on the HTML tab) and that's it!

Looking forward to the updates!