Tuesday, March 11, 2008

William....our eigth child

Christmas 2007

William's Mickey Mouse birthday party

William helping mix the Valentine's Day cake

William is 3 and, his birthday is September 8th. William is 1 year 11 months younger than Stephen. William was a special blessing for Arthur and I at a very hard time. This was when Arthur was getting ready to go through chemo. Arthur had colon cancer and surgery on December 1st, 2003. Followed by chemo which started on January 6th, 2004 and didn't end until July. Arthur's fist day of chemo we ask about having other children and they told us we may want to wait so we could bank sperm. Arthur ask them to give us a minute to talk because, he knew how much having more children meant to me. In my mind all I could think was Stephen is going to be the last baby I have. Arthur who has such strong faith, positive attitude, and is so together was the one thinking clearly.....yet, he was the one getting ready to start chemo. He pulls me aside and ask me one question... " who have we let plan all our children?" I had to answer... "God". That is when Arthur said ..." do you want to be the one in control now?" and I had to answer ..."No". Then Arthur said... " I know how much this means to you and, I might think about it if we didn't have seven blessing already." He was right and from the day we said I Do, we ask God to be in control of our family.... this wasn't the time or place to want to take back control...nor did we want to. Arthur then told the nurse to go ahead and start the chemo, she ask if we were sure. Arthur then shared with her about our decision. In my mind as we sat there that day I felt like our lives would never be the same...not just because of the chemo. In some ways I was right but, I'm thankful the God we serve has much bigger plans than my mind could ever see! One week later I didn't feel so well, I'd felt this way before....seven times before. I took a test and yes I was pregnant. This meant I got pregnant before Arthur started chemo, in Gods timing! We were so excited. Arthur had so much already to live for but, now it gave him even more to look forward to. I remember him saying the day I told him "I feel like this baby is my gift for the end of my chemo." William was and is a special gift, he looks so much like Arthur. He is positive, funny, full of energy, and loving... all things I think of when I think of Arthur. William loves to be outside and playing in the sandbox. He has a collection of stuffed dogs that he sleeps and does everything with, his two favorite are Blu and Rosie. He enjoys his train set, coloring, Lego's, and play dough. William is allergic to cows milk, he loves soy milk. Every morning eats a bagel with peanut butter on it and has big glass of soy milk. He has a sweet tooth and loves icing. William says all his brothers are his best friends, and tells them he loves them all the time. He is a big time mama's boy and is always hanging on me. He likes to sit in my lap and, hug me as hard as he can and say "I'm squeezing all the love out of you." William loves to wrestle with his daddy and tease him. He likes to dance around the house and make you laugh. Being around him can help make a bad day good again, he is so sweet. When he gets older I pray he grows to be a man after Gods on heart.


lefobserver said...
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The Journey Begins Here said...

He sounds so sweet. Daniel loves soy milk too, chocolate. That is such an inspiring story about Arthur. I just spent 2 hours with the ACS tonight preparing for our June Relay. March is colon cancer awareness, I found out.

Thanks for stopping by. Theresa