Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The story behind Wordless Wednesday

I guess I should have told you that each child had a different accident, REALLY!
OK, there for awhile we weren't sure if we should all get out together, in fear someone would call CPS...LOL! So, here are the stories behind the legs.

Stephen's broke his leg first, the last week of August. He was jumping off the diving board, through a ring float. One leg went through but, the other leg well it hit the float. The float didn't give and put pressure back on his leg and broke it. That was late in the evening so, we thought take him the next day it my not be broken. The next morning he still couldn't walk so, off we go to the hospital. He never cried or acted in pain, just said he couldn't stand. It was a clean break all the way through right below the knee, and running along the growth plate....Ugh! He had a cast for 8 weeks, first a red one, then a blue. It came all the way up his thigh, and he couldn't use crutches, boy he was heavy. He road in the wagon a lot, but at church once he was in his class he would just scoot around. We'll still have to keep an eye on it because of the growth plate, otherwise he did great!!!!

Amanda was next and hers happened the day before Labor Day. A friend of ours owns a Inflatable company, like the large blowup slides. Well, he let us use one over Labor Day weekend, for free. As you can see it ended up costing us...HaHa! Our children wanted to add some fun to the slide with the water hose, that made it extra slippery! So, Amanda was at the top and of course they added more fun by playing King of the Mountain, I'm sure you get the picture. She fall from the top down to the padded area at the bottom that they now have water in, twists her ankle and someone else lands on her. Not sure I'd call the end result fun! The doctor at the hospital said she would never allow her child to be on one of these, they are so dangerous....sigh

Elizabeth well, hers happened the day after Labor Day. Yes, we still have the slide, but we hadn't let the children back on it since Amanda had gotten hurt. It was time for Micheal to come and pick up the float, so we told him we'd clean it. It was pretty dirty because of the water and grass clipping that had been tracked on it. Rebekah and Elizabeth offer to clean it, Arthur say OK but NO playing around. They weren't out their 5 minutes and James came to the door and said Elizabeth was hurt. I said "No way", they love to tease me! Then , here comes Rebekah yelling, I took off running. Elizabeth had been sitting at the top with the water on, lost her balance and slipped, on her way down her leg got caught under her, and twisted. Arthur had Madison at football I had to call him home, and head to the hospital again.

I also took Amanda back. She had already broken her splint...Rrrrr! Now I'm thinking should we use a different hospital, but children's is the best...I'm really thinking CPS will be called 3 kids in 2 weeks. We had the same doctor, she was great and it all went very smooth, they fixed both the girls up great. They wore their for about 4weeks, and poor Stephen was still in his. He did lots of coloring and perfected his skills on the Game boy. Like I've said NEVER a dull moment!

Thank You, Christina!

I just had to say thank you to Christina for all her help. She needs an award for putting up with all my crazy computer questions!
Thanks for putting up with me and looking over the fact that you had to tell me more than once...just like my kids...LOL! I can now hide the link when I post...woo hoo!!!!!

Wordless Wednesday.... September 2007

Maybe a few wonder what happened????
I'll post the story tonight, and no it wasn't a car wreck!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I've earned my PHD.

Warning.... for extreme sarcasm

I have thought long and hard about this(I guess that was the first mistake) I know I have earned my PHD. Really, I know I have and yet I didn't even have to attend a major university. I feel like I have gone to great lenghts to achieve my PHD. I have spent loads of time not to mention enough money to have attended ANY major university. I think the last thing is to write my thesis and I have a million ideas for the topic. I'm just not sure where I'm suppose to send my thesis when it's complete......For you see my PHD is going to be in "Pediatric Home Diagnosis !" Yes, I know there has to be a diploma with my name on it just waiting on me...but where? As, I have said I have put in the hours, money, and not to mention I have hands on with the patients at ALL times. After 16 years I feel I'm ready to hold the honor of my PHD. I'm pretty sure that when I receive my PHD I 'll also get a ID card with it. This card can be shown to all Physicians in the medical field upon our arrival to their office. This way when we get in the room we can just cut to the chase. I guess where my degree differs from the others I'll be working with is, when I stand to take my oath I'll say that "I know at times I'll be wrong and I'll admit them when I am!" OK, there was the sarcasm again...sorry! How many of you Moms out there have also earned your degree and not received it yet????

I guess this post stems from the ENT appointment I had with Jonathan yesterday. I posted on his appointment last night....sigh...sorry for the sarcasm. I'm going to have to pray long and hard about writing this post, especially after my girls read it. You see I tend to very sarcastic and it's something I've been praying about and working on, and obviously have only taken baby steps. It took me 36 years to get this way, I wonder how long it will take to get rid of it? Some sarcasm can be fun but there is a time and place for it, mine seems to be all the time. There are things you hope to pass on to your children...this isn't one of them. Yet, each day I see my girls are getting better and better at it....Ugh!!! Thank you Lord for loving me with ALL my flaws!

Monday, April 28, 2008

William is sick......Jonathan's ENT follow up

If you are tired of reading about my sick kids, you can skip this post. I'm sure most of you wouldn't believe it if I told you, we have never had such a long run with sickness. Our girls very seldom got sick when they were little. The only other time I remember having all my kids sick was when James at 10 months got the chicken pox and gave it to everyone else....oh' that was fun. About as much fun as all 11 of us having the flu this winter. I'm rambling, so I'll get on with the doctor updates.

William has had a fever for a week or so on and off, but low grade. Then, Sunday around 1:00am he got up to go potty, of course I was already up resetting Jonathan's pump...sigh... William was burning up 103.3 fever. Sunday he wouldn't eat said his throat hurt and threw up several times, which is hard when you haven't eaten. He didn't sleep well last night and was up for the day by 5:30am. He ask for water which I gave him and he then threw up. The thing that bothered me so much was, it had blood mixed with the water. He did this 2 more times, and after each time was just limp. I called and got him in to the doctor at 9:30am. They thought it might be strep, mono, or whatever? So, they did a strep test and ran blood work. It wasn't strep(none of our kids have ever had strep) or mono, they think bacteria infection, possibly even his adenoids are infected. William is now on antibiotics,and we should try to keep him away from the other kids...HAHA! He said that when he is done with the antibiotics, if he still has random fevers to bring him back for more blood work. I hope he feels like eating something tomorrow and the meds kick in.

Jonathan had his follow up on in tonsils, adenoids, and tubes today. They first did a hearing test, that he didn't pass not a surprise! Then he saw the doctor, who looks at him and says Jonathan looks great. Remember me saying this ENT is the head ENT guru for this area....and after his tubes were put in he tells me he's not sure they will stay in place very long because the ear is worn out and the goop is so thick. This being the same doctor who said from the first day we met that the ENT didn't use the best tubes, he didn't think Jonathan had a "true" hearing loss. Now today sits in his office and looks at me and says "I believe Jonathan has a mild hearing loss" like I haven't been saying this for 9 years and like today it was to be NEW news to me. I look at him and say "REALLY" and yes I say this 3 times. This being the doctor who the first day I took Jonathan to him made me feel like I'd not done enough for him with the other tells me what I already knew when I came to him 4 months ago. Ugh!!!!!! He then just sat and told me about hearing aids which we already have, and said he'll see us back in 6 months. I then said "do you REALLY think the tubes will stay in place for that long?" I didn't get an answer, to that question. So, I'm going back to see the audiologist in 2 weeks for another hearing play study, then get his hearing aids reprogrammed for the loss that it NOW shows. Doctors, thankful we have them but when are SOME of them are going to set their ego's aside and listen to the Mommas??? This ENT is the one who sent Jonathan to the sleep study, and we now know he has sleep apnea. So, there still are positives! Plus I can say have done all at this time we know to do!

Most the time when I hear that Jonathan can't hear well it bothers me. Today, God just held me and I felt him say "you knew, for I told you, I am the Great Physician" I also know that we are only here passing through this life...... one day " Jonathan will be given a perfect body in Christ." I thank God for that day, Jonathan may have DS, but each one of us has something...Thank you Lord for Eternal life in You!

Friday, April 25, 2008

All is well...YAY!!!!

Jonathan is doing great with his feedings and is up to 80%. He has been really spry and playful during in the day. We are going to a birthday party tonight, we'll see how he does in a group setting outside of his comfort zone?!!

Elizabeth is still having some pain but doing great. Considering she doesn't have a high pain tolerance at all. The great part was she made it to art yesterday. We had to drive her, because of her pain medicine. Driving her is a reminder of how thankful I am that she can drive, she is a very good driver. I'm so proud of her!

Wesley, well I didn't take him to the doctor.( All I can think about is that doctor telling me NOT to home treat, I hope I'm right on this one.) He was a little better yesterday. He is still having a low fever on and off. Now, I think it's just his teeth not his ears, he's cutting 4 teeth. As, far as the diarrhea well it has slowed down, and his bottom is clearing up!!! He seems much happier.

I didn't have to add any more appointments to this week....YEAH!!!!! I just had to take care of the ones who already had something done...that's the easy part if I can just stay home. I truly LOVE to be at long as I get a little adult conversation now and then. I want to be able to keep up with the outside world with my communication skills....not speaking on the Barney, Mickey Mouse Club House, and Backyardigan's level....I guess Little Einstein saves me..LOL!

Thanks for your prayers and for reading all my long posts on our appointments. I'm thankful God placed me in America to live, and to be able to receive GREAT medical care. Thank you Lord!

First Swim of 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Family Update

Jonathan did great last night with the pump and his feeding. His feedings started off at 50% and each night we'll increase by 10% until we reach his goal of 10 hours at 100%. He slept like a baby, BUT his Momma DIDN'T ! It has been 4and a half years since he had his G-tube. I had forgotten about all the getting up in the night when the pump alarm goes off. I guess like child birth you only try to remember the good things...LOL! Well, Jonathan went to bed at 8:30pm and I went to bed early 10:30pm , I knew I would be having another crazy day on Wednesday and NEEDED some rest. At 11:45pm the pump alarm went off, that was the start of my VERY LONG NIGHT! The alarm went off because Jonathan was laying on the line, it had a crimp in it .....this is the part I forgot! The alarm went OFF every hour,and I'd have to go in and reset the pump...Ugh! Jonathan and William slept through the alarm, but NOT Wesley! Around 1:45am it went off AGAIN, I fixed it laid back down and hear Wesley. He moaned some and then went back to sleep, but not for long. By 2:15am he was up(kind of like my post Wesley's Up) I let him cry for a few minutes but the crying got louder and louder. I went in to check on him and surprise, surprise a diarrhea diaper. I get him up change him put more medicated cream on his blistered bottom, that isn't getting any better. I rock him and it takes me a hour to get him back down. By that time it's 3:30am, then the pump alarms...sigh.. it does this 2 more times. At 5:45am I just turn the pump OFF, I'd had enough! Our alarm clock was set for 6:00am, and I needed to get ready to leave the house by 7:25am Elizabeth was going to get her wisdom teeth pulled this morning. So, I thought turning the pump off was the best idea for this morning. I pray tonight Jonathan stays OFF the line, and we get more sleep.

Tuesday Jonathan had an appointment with his Sleep Disorder Doctor, Dr. Viscomi.We told him how well Jonathan did with the CPAP mask and that he hasn't worn it since he had is tonsils, adenoids, and tubes were put in. We go back to the ENT next week and he should be able to wear the CPAP mask again. Then I told him the GI doctor said that he couldn't wear the mask with his feeding tube. Dr. Viscomi said yes he can wear the CPAP mask with the feeding tube and he would talk with the GI. I'm looking forward to Jonathan using the CPAP mask again, I think that is a large part of the reason he is sleeping wild and getting on the feeding tube line, we'll see.

Elizabeth did good today. She slept the whole way home and doesn't remember a thing. When I got her home I fed her soup, gave her some medicine, and put her on the couch. At 4:30pm she woke up and said she felt like it was 10:00am. She ate a little supper, but has been sick at her stomach. She has Art class tomorrow and it is her last one before their end of the year show, I hope she feels well enough to go. She'll be so disappointed if she can't.

I think it's time I take Wesley back to the doctor again. He can't keep going on like this. The diapers I can handle, it's the rash and blisters that bother me. It's pure torture to change him, then you can't hold him afterwards, it hurts to put pressure on his bottom. Wesley is also cutting teeth and pulling at his ear again. If, it's his ear it will be the 4th time in 5 weeks. Guess we'll just have to make an appointment for tomorrow.

As it stands for this week Jonathan has been to 2 doctors,1 hospital, Elizabeth the oral surgeon, Rebekah and Amanda went to the orthodontist. We still have 2 more days to pack a few more appointments in...just kidding! Really, I'm not sure I'd know how to function without medical appointments, I'm open to new things,I think it would be nice, I may even like day! For now this is the my life, I thank God for it and feel blessed beyond measure!!!!

Wordless Wednesday...William found the money tree!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sad day for Mr. Jonathan

Jonathan had a very long day. First they put the NG tube in, we went to x-ray, and then on to have lab work. He was such a brave little man, he did so well only one tear shed. After the tube was in Jonathan was VERY mad at me. He wouldn't look at me or talk to me. When I would speak to him he would put his hands over his face, this made the day really pleasant...NOT! It took him a few hours to quit gagging, then that made his nose run and eyes water. On the way home I had to stop by Sam's Club to pick up a few things....what was I thinking? (he sat in the cart I didn't let him walk, I'm trying to save face here) We were only in there for about 20 minutes, Jonathan picked out a Barney and Backyardagains DVD, by then he was soooo ready to go. A very nice lady checked us out and was very friendly to Jonathan. Well, as we are waiting at the door for them to look at our ticket I turned and see Jonathan crying. Jonathan very seldom cries about anything. His nose is running, tears are streaming down his checks, and he keeps saying " un go!" (want to go) I'm thinking at this point is why did I bring him to Sam's, and he's still gagging....UGH!!! I'm thinking we are still in Chattanooga I'm calling the doctor and see if they can do something to make this easier. As we get outside I come over to love on Jonathan and tell him it will be OK. He points back at the Sam's building and keeps telling me something that I don't understand...sigh...this is when we so desperately NEED better communication. At times like today we do LOTS of charades...Not Fun! He is still crying and I've ask him every question I can think of... do you hurt, did you want a hot dog, are you hungry, are you ready to go home, the list went on and on. FINALLY....I got this much from him "sad" and after 10 more minutes i came up with "the lady". So, I ask "the lady looked at you and now your sad ?" His reply "yes." like I've said before he is tough as nails, but wise and sensitive. Again the lady was very nice, Jonathan just didn't want ANY attention. Today was hard for me to see the boy that is ALWAYS so happy be so unbelievable sad, it breaks my heart. Oh' the gagging has almost completely cleared up. We came home and I was surprised ALL the other boys seem to be OK with the tube. I was worried about William, he likes to look after Jonathan and make sure he is comfortable. Home health called and said they would be here by 8:30pm no later than 9, yes that late. Well, at 9:30pm Arthur called to see if they were still coming. The man said yes, but he was still a hour away....What??? At 10:00pm Jonathan couldn't hold out any longer and we put him in bed.Here is the crazy thing this home health company was coming from Murfressboro 2 and a half hours away. Not sure why they didn't use one of the local companies like the one that does his CPAP mask. Around 10:40pm the delivery man drops off the pump and milk. We will start the feedings tomorrow night. I pray tonight that Jonathan keeps the tube in place, sleeps well, and wakes refreshed for tomorrow.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jonathan's getting a NG tube

Wednesday Jonathan had a GI appointment. Jonathan still hadn't gained any weight and the last set of lab work came back good. In the past 6months he has had 3 stomach biopsy, stool samples, several urine test, a calorie count , and so much lab work I'm surprised he has any blood left. The good news is they have now ruled out diabetes, celiac disease, thyroid, cystic fibrosis, they can't find anything...Ugh! Each appointment I would think OK today they will have some answers,but they haven't. We are so happy that he doesn't seem to have any of the medical conditions he was tested for , but why can't he gain weight? So, 5 weeks ago they put him on a special milk shake that had 1500 calories per drink, along with his regular diet. It was just to much for him to eat in a 12 hour day. His weight has been about the same for the last 4 years 39 to 42 pounds. Jonathan is 9 and wears a size 4/5 or 5 slim ....I just love the pants with the elastic that buttons to tighten! On the DS growth chart for boys his age he isn't even on the chart, Dr. Screws(don't you love the name) would like to see him at the 50% range. He thinks this would also help Jonathan gain the muscle he needs to be able to run and ride a bike, things he isn't physically able to do now. I'd love to see him walk when we go to Disney World in November, he has always had to ride in a stroller. I want to look out in the yard and see Jonathan enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, playing with his brothers, and not just watching.

Jonathan will be going in tomorrow at 10:00AM for a NG tube. They will put the tube in, do some MORE lab work, and x-rays to make sure the tube is in place. So, it sounds like a full day for Mr. Jonathan. He had a G tube for 2 years, but they didn't want to go straight to that. They're going to see how the feedings and weight go before, they would want to put him through another surgery. Home health will come tomorrow afternoon to set up the pump. Jonathan will have feeding through the night and then eat by mouth throughout the hopes this will help him pack on some weight. For those of you that don't know Jonathan eating isn't the problem, he is a "EATING MACHINE", just without weight gain. I'm praying Jonathan tolerates the tube and continues to eat well during the day so he can play catch up.

Wesley is...UP!!!!

Well, it's 2:18am and I just put Wesley back to bed. I should be in bed, but now I'm wide awake...Ugh! I thought I'd give you a Wesley update, as long as the laptop battery stays charged. Last week I told you about the treadmill accident, and that I thought he had an ear infection. I did take him to the doctor a week ago Friday (I'm really behind on my post!) The doctor comes in and ask about Wesley's symptoms, as I'm telling him I notice him stare at Wesley's hand. So, then I proceed to say oh' yes and he also hurt his hand, knowing he was thinking....and this crazy Mom brought him for his ears...LOOK at that hand!! His face spoke a thousand words! After he looks Wesley over he says, "his right ear is infected but really I more worried about his HAND, you really should have brought him in for this!" OK, at this point I'm thinking as long as he stays in the room he can't call CPS...LOL! Then he says "I'm going to place him on some antibiotics to help his HAND, and it will help the ear infection too. I'll also give you a antibiotic cream to place on his hand twice a day until it's healed up." So now I'm feeling like the worst Mom award could be given to me, before I leave his office. I look at him and say " I have been putting triple antibiotic cream on it and keeping it dry." He then says "I know you have 9 children and try to home treat but when it's something like this please bring them in." This was another one of those times I felt like I had the words DUH' on my forehead. I wanted to defend myself and say really I don't try to home treat....look at our chart, it takes up a WHOLE shelf and you need hand trucks to carry it. Since January I have lost count of how many times I have been to this office, really go ask Dr. Fernando,. he will vouch for me. I didn't I just said "OK thanks...gurrr!" What does that have to do with why I'm up now? The antibiotic he put Wesley on was omnicef. Well, his hand is looking great and his ear seems to be better, BUT it gave him diarrhea! He woke up with a diarrhea diaper, and his bottom is covered in blisters. So, he's in a lot of pain and doesn't even want to be changed,bathed,or held to tight. I stopped nursing almost 2 weeks ago, these are the times I wish he was still nursing. He has been drinking out of a cup, but I got in the cabinet and found a bottle at 1:30am. Rocking him and the bottle of warm milk helped him calm down and go back to sleep. So, that's why I'm up, and still not sleepy...I'll wish tomorrow that I had been sleepy! As you read this post I hope it finds each of you well rested!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I was Tagged on April 2....

I was tagged on April 2nd by Jennifer at To tell you 10 neat things about my child. Jennifer said I could work it out how ever I needed to because of having 9...good thing cause look it took me 11 days to post...sigh... this week has been a little overwhelming! I 'll post something about each child.

1 Elizabeth is VERY shy and has a hard time around people she doesn't know, but take her to a foreign country to share Gods love with others and she feels right at home.

2 Amanda has a great love for people and wants others to be happy and have joy.

3 Rebekah was gifted with the ability to create or make something out of nothing.

4 Madison loves going to work at our churches Manna Ministry and worries about the people that come to receive the food.

5 Jonathan likes to sit on the couch with my grandmother, his great-grandmother Nonnie who is 88 and hold her hand and rub her skin. It' precious to see him love her so much!

6 James likes to make cards or pictures for others and send them in the mail.

7 Stephen likes to spend time with his brothers doing anything, just as long as they are together.

8 William ALWAYS wants to be the one to say the prayer for breakfast and lunch , this is wonderful except when Arthur wants to bless the food for dinner. This can cause some issues, and a tear or two...nothing wrong with 2 prayers those nights.

9 Wesley enjoys sitting on our laps and reading books. The reason I find this so neat is because he is NEVER still, he is our MOST active baby!

10 I think it's neat that ALL of my children have a unique bond and relationship with each only God can give. I'm blessed to be their Moma!

Now I'd like to tag Sunny at and Mimi at still don't know how to hide the link, help anyone?) Ladies hope you do better than me on being tagged. Thanks again Jennifer for tagging me!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A week of crazy...

This has been one crazy week, is tomorrow really Friday?! I thought it might still be Monday, just a really LONG Monday! So, here's a quick update....We have been to the dentist 2 days this week Elizabeth and William the first day, Amanda, Madison, and James the next. Jonathan is doing fair, today is day 6 and he doesn't want to eat or drink. Tonight I let him pick out what he wanted for dinner, thinking that he might eat better that way. He picked his favorite breakfast foods a bagel with cream cheese, apple sauce, and juice. Guess what?..........He didn't eat, he sat at the table and cried. Love his sweet heart he wants the food, he told me his tummy hurts.....he's hungry. He's also still running a low grade fever. Arthur and I spent half the day today with the CPA finishing our taxes, there done....YAY!!!! Then when I got home Elizabeth and Rebekah said Wesley didn't feel well. Rebekah had the joy of cleaning up diarrhea that went up under his arms. He has a fever of 102 runny nose and pulling at his ear, he always gets diarrhea with is ear infections, poor baby. I guess we'll be going to the doctor, just the way I wanted to finish out this LONG Monday ....oops! I mean week. I have been tagged, I look forward to working on that...Thanks!

Last and far from the least tonight, I wanted to share a picture of Wesley's boo-boo hand. There are many dangers in all or homes and we try to educate all of the kids on what they are. Well one of the kids I guess missed out on one of the lessons. It was LESSON 101 treadmill dangers!
#1 Don't use the treadmill with Wesley up
#2 If Wesley is up he needs to stay in another room while it's being used
#3 If Wesley is awake someone needs to be with him at all time
#4 Ask Mom or Dad before you use the treadmill

I don't think I need to give you the other 97 dangers, the top 4 are the ones that apply. Wesley put his hands in the back of the treadmill and it pulled his hands under it. We are thankful he has hands left, it burnt the skin off of both hands. The picture isn't real clear, he didn't want to sit still.

The left hand is the worst, the right hand it mainly caught the top knuckles. The child that was on the treadmill felt AWFUL and said they missed the lesson. I think all the kids have a new respect for the treadmill!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Through William's Eyes

Yesterday the boys and I ran some errands. On our way out of our neighborhood William and I had this conversation. First let me give you a mental image of the van, you know we have a 15 passenger van. William's car seat is the second row back and in the center, Jonathan is behind him, Stephen is next to him, James and Wesley are in front of him. Madison wasn't with us he was volunteering at the Manna Ministry. William is trying to talk to me over his brothers and the noise from Wesley's toy.

W: I see a bird nest.
W: MOMA, I see a bird nest.
Me: Really, buddy
W: LOOK, LOOK, Moma right there.
Me: Oh' buddy I'm sorry I didn't see it.
Me: Was it a big one?
W: Yep, it was really BIG!
Me: Was it pretty?
W: Yep, really BIG and pretty!
Me: We'll come back home that way and you can show me the nest.
W: NO, Moma it not a nest, it a bird CHURCH!
Me: Really?!?
W: I fhink that where they (the birds) go to get bap-a-tized like James did.
Me: Maybe so.........

So, William saw a large, white, wooden bird house....or bird CHURCH. I didn't tell him that birds don't need a church or they? Just Kidding! I figure you are only 3 once and he will know soon enough. I'm sure others would think I should have told him....well, I guess that's why I'm his Moma! The conversations with a child and their dreams are priceless. If you take the time to slow down, and look through the eyes of a child you never know what you'll see.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

James Baptism

To know that Elizabeth, Amanda, Rebekah, Madison, and James have all accepted Christ as Lord of their lives....well.......I'm not sure I even have the words to tell you how we feel. Eternal life, is there anything better??? This day ranks higher than their birth for Arthur and I, because we know they don't belong to us. We dedicated each of our children back to the Lord as infants, and continue to pray that we are raising them in His will. How blessed we feel that He has entrusted us to care for His children.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jonathan's surgery day pictures

Jonathan before surgery with his favorite friends
and support team.

After surgery he was trying to open
his eyes enough to watch TV.

Jonathan was glad to be home, THANKS for the balloon Tammy!

Jonathan's surgery went well !

We headed for T.C. Thompson's Children's Hospital around noon and we were on time. If you know me that is a big deal, wish I was more often. Then we sat, sat, and sat.....UHG!!!! Jonathan didn't mind he enjoyed watching television. They didn't get him in until 4:00pm for surgery, they were behind. So, this made for a very long day. We didn't make it home until 10 til 10pm last night. We may have made it home a little earlier, but our van seemed to have a mind of it's own. See we live 40 minutes from the hospital and the nearest Krispy Kreme. So, we had to go see if the HOT light was on...YAY, it was! After the purchase 2 dozen hot glazed,1 milk, and 1 traditional donut for Jonathan to eat, we headed to the interstate. Yes, Jonathan ate the whole donut on the way home but drank little of the milk. He slept well and is on lots of medications.This morning he has pointed several times to his mouth to tell us about his throat, but is eating and drinking some. His adenoids had grown back a little and they also repaired another small tear while in there. Jonathan can't use his CPAP for his sleep apnea for the next 3 weeks, the Dr. felt it would be to much pressure. I had hoped he could still wear it, he really just adjusted to it. The EARS well, not sure we will ever get a clear idea of what is to come in the future for his hearing. The new tubes are in, this DR. said he wasn't sure they will stay for long. This has been the problem all along, combine with the fact there is so much fluid/goop. Remember this ENT is the head guru in our area, even Jonathan's ears have stumped him. Before surgery the DR said the tubes he was going to place in would last 3 to 4 years....last night he said he hoped they will last 3 to 6 months...*sigh* He said he normally doesn't see ears with fluid that thick and sap like. In order for him to get it all out he had to use a large suction, that leaves a bigger hole. Which makes it harder for the tube to stay in place, plus after 10 previous set his ears are thin and have lots of scar tissue. Only time will tell, I'm thinking God is trying to make a point here. Being we can't have all the answers, patience, and leave it to Him. Did it really take 11 sets of tubes for me to see this....NO, but I just haven't let it go. Communication has been soooo very important to us, and we wanted it to be verbal...guess not. We'll be diving into MORE sign, in hopes the whole family will learn together. I'm thankful for all your prayers!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Jonathan is having surgery today

Pray for Jonathan he will be having surgery today at 2:00pm. He'll be getting his tonsils out, his adenoids out AGAIN, and his 11th set of PE tubes...Yes 11th! He just can't seem to keep them in place and working...sigh* This time we have a new ENT and he is the head ENT guru for our area. I'm soooo very thankful he took Jonathan on as a know another insurance thing...that's my life. I'm not to worried about the surgery, he's in Gods hands...what better place. My prayer is for Jonathan not to have much pain with the tonsils. The adenoids didn't seem to bother him and the PE tubes after 10 sets don't seem to be a big deal. I also, pray that he comes back out of the anesthesia fast, the last few times it seemed to linger in his system longer. He has a very high pain tolerance and is such a trooper. Thanks in advance for the prayers.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Posting....I have good intentions

On February 23, I wrote a post about our house. (I'd link you to it but again, I haven't figured that out yet.) * sigh* I said I would post pictures of the girls new room the next day, took me 1 month and 11 days to do it. I didn't forgot I just kept procrastinating....thinking I'll post it next. You know I've been a little busy with sick kids, doctors appointments, feeding the kids, school, and last and far from least LAUNDRY.....I'm sure you get the picture! I sound like one of the kids....and my dog ate my homework! HaHa For those of you who still remembered sorry it took so long:( As for everyone else...Hey here are some cool pictures of the girls new room.

I also told about my computer area and laundry room under construction, they still are. Since then Elizabeth, Madison, and I have pulled down wallpaper in the big boys bedroom and bathroom, Elizabeth and Arthur painted in those rooms. At this moment Arthur and Rebekah are outside working on the kids fort/playhouse. He is trying to get it ready for the warm weather, so I can stick the kids outside...YAY! I'm married to Mr. Fix-it and we have way to many projects started! Arthur never sits still from the time he gets up. We laugh and say if they knew about ADD when he was a boy than they would have diagnosed him with it. The great thing is when he is done with a project it's beautiful...he is a perfectionist! I will post pictures as we get the projects you see I didn't give any deadline. Thanks for stopping by to check on our family ;)

Finally pictures of the girls room

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Praying for an adoption...2 sweet girls!

We are not adopting... not sure they would give us any children...just kidding! Our friends Tara and Mr. Mike ( Jonathan's buddy I spoke about in my post Hurt) have been in the process of adopting 2 precious girls from Nicaragua. Tara and Mike are the ones who introduced Elizabeth to Nicaragua and missions. Words can't say how special they are to our family!!! Anyway the have created an adoption blog, not on blogger...oops! I just thought if any of you prayer warriors wanted to start praying along side us for Tara and Mike and these precious girls, I'd give you the site ( I still don't know how to hide the site..Ugh!) You can see more pictures of the girls and read their unbelievable story. They need lots of prayer coming their way for tomorrow, this is when a group meets to declare the girls abandoned. This needs to happen to get the ball rolling again...they are at a stand still. We love you guys and are praying for you!!!!