Friday, April 25, 2008

All is well...YAY!!!!

Jonathan is doing great with his feedings and is up to 80%. He has been really spry and playful during in the day. We are going to a birthday party tonight, we'll see how he does in a group setting outside of his comfort zone?!!

Elizabeth is still having some pain but doing great. Considering she doesn't have a high pain tolerance at all. The great part was she made it to art yesterday. We had to drive her, because of her pain medicine. Driving her is a reminder of how thankful I am that she can drive, she is a very good driver. I'm so proud of her!

Wesley, well I didn't take him to the doctor.( All I can think about is that doctor telling me NOT to home treat, I hope I'm right on this one.) He was a little better yesterday. He is still having a low fever on and off. Now, I think it's just his teeth not his ears, he's cutting 4 teeth. As, far as the diarrhea well it has slowed down, and his bottom is clearing up!!! He seems much happier.

I didn't have to add any more appointments to this week....YEAH!!!!! I just had to take care of the ones who already had something done...that's the easy part if I can just stay home. I truly LOVE to be at long as I get a little adult conversation now and then. I want to be able to keep up with the outside world with my communication skills....not speaking on the Barney, Mickey Mouse Club House, and Backyardigan's level....I guess Little Einstein saves me..LOL!

Thanks for your prayers and for reading all my long posts on our appointments. I'm thankful God placed me in America to live, and to be able to receive GREAT medical care. Thank you Lord!


Sunny said...

Glad everyone is improving at your house. Are you getting any more sleep? I sure hope so.

Christina said...

Glad everyone is starting to feel better. I hope it continues!