Sunday, April 13, 2008

I was Tagged on April 2....

I was tagged on April 2nd by Jennifer at To tell you 10 neat things about my child. Jennifer said I could work it out how ever I needed to because of having 9...good thing cause look it took me 11 days to post...sigh... this week has been a little overwhelming! I 'll post something about each child.

1 Elizabeth is VERY shy and has a hard time around people she doesn't know, but take her to a foreign country to share Gods love with others and she feels right at home.

2 Amanda has a great love for people and wants others to be happy and have joy.

3 Rebekah was gifted with the ability to create or make something out of nothing.

4 Madison loves going to work at our churches Manna Ministry and worries about the people that come to receive the food.

5 Jonathan likes to sit on the couch with my grandmother, his great-grandmother Nonnie who is 88 and hold her hand and rub her skin. It' precious to see him love her so much!

6 James likes to make cards or pictures for others and send them in the mail.

7 Stephen likes to spend time with his brothers doing anything, just as long as they are together.

8 William ALWAYS wants to be the one to say the prayer for breakfast and lunch , this is wonderful except when Arthur wants to bless the food for dinner. This can cause some issues, and a tear or two...nothing wrong with 2 prayers those nights.

9 Wesley enjoys sitting on our laps and reading books. The reason I find this so neat is because he is NEVER still, he is our MOST active baby!

10 I think it's neat that ALL of my children have a unique bond and relationship with each only God can give. I'm blessed to be their Moma!

Now I'd like to tag Sunny at and Mimi at still don't know how to hide the link, help anyone?) Ladies hope you do better than me on being tagged. Thanks again Jennifer for tagging me!


Jennifer said...

I LOVED reading this. You obviously are a great mother with amazing kids! Glad to learn a little more about them.

The Journey Begins Here said...

We say two prayers each night...Amanda says one and then Daniel says one.

What a lovely family you have.

Love you Theresa

Thanks for stopping by.

Michelle said...

I loved how you did one for each child - they are all so unique :)

Christina said...

Great post! Ok to hide the link....

words you want writen here for example for Mimi's blog I would put the name of Mimi's blog

I hope this goes throgh right....

Christina said... made my example into a link...LOL email me back and I'll show you the codE!