Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The story behind Wordless Wednesday

I guess I should have told you that each child had a different accident, REALLY!
OK, there for awhile we weren't sure if we should all get out together, in fear someone would call CPS...LOL! So, here are the stories behind the legs.

Stephen's broke his leg first, the last week of August. He was jumping off the diving board, through a ring float. One leg went through but, the other leg well it hit the float. The float didn't give and put pressure back on his leg and broke it. That was late in the evening so, we thought take him the next day it my not be broken. The next morning he still couldn't walk so, off we go to the hospital. He never cried or acted in pain, just said he couldn't stand. It was a clean break all the way through right below the knee, and running along the growth plate....Ugh! He had a cast for 8 weeks, first a red one, then a blue. It came all the way up his thigh, and he couldn't use crutches, boy he was heavy. He road in the wagon a lot, but at church once he was in his class he would just scoot around. We'll still have to keep an eye on it because of the growth plate, otherwise he did great!!!!

Amanda was next and hers happened the day before Labor Day. A friend of ours owns a Inflatable company, like the large blowup slides. Well, he let us use one over Labor Day weekend, for free. As you can see it ended up costing us...HaHa! Our children wanted to add some fun to the slide with the water hose, that made it extra slippery! So, Amanda was at the top and of course they added more fun by playing King of the Mountain, I'm sure you get the picture. She fall from the top down to the padded area at the bottom that they now have water in, twists her ankle and someone else lands on her. Not sure I'd call the end result fun! The doctor at the hospital said she would never allow her child to be on one of these, they are so dangerous....sigh

Elizabeth well, hers happened the day after Labor Day. Yes, we still have the slide, but we hadn't let the children back on it since Amanda had gotten hurt. It was time for Micheal to come and pick up the float, so we told him we'd clean it. It was pretty dirty because of the water and grass clipping that had been tracked on it. Rebekah and Elizabeth offer to clean it, Arthur say OK but NO playing around. They weren't out their 5 minutes and James came to the door and said Elizabeth was hurt. I said "No way", they love to tease me! Then , here comes Rebekah yelling, I took off running. Elizabeth had been sitting at the top with the water on, lost her balance and slipped, on her way down her leg got caught under her, and twisted. Arthur had Madison at football I had to call him home, and head to the hospital again.

I also took Amanda back. She had already broken her splint...Rrrrr! Now I'm thinking should we use a different hospital, but children's is the best...I'm really thinking CPS will be called 3 kids in 2 weeks. We had the same doctor, she was great and it all went very smooth, they fixed both the girls up great. They wore their for about 4weeks, and poor Stephen was still in his. He did lots of coloring and perfected his skills on the Game boy. Like I've said NEVER a dull moment!


Beth said...

I cannot help but laugh!!!!! I am glad everyone is ok in the end - but yes I'd be concerned about CPS calling as well!!!!!

A Walk in My Flip Flops said...
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A Walk in My Flip Flops said...

Mother, It was called ''KING OF THE HILL'' not the moutain. It was painful but fun!!!

JennyH said...

Oh my- what a fun 2 weeks. I'd be wondering about CPS being called too!

Hope this summer is not as "exciting" for you guys!