Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Through William's Eyes

Yesterday the boys and I ran some errands. On our way out of our neighborhood William and I had this conversation. First let me give you a mental image of the van, you know we have a 15 passenger van. William's car seat is the second row back and in the center, Jonathan is behind him, Stephen is next to him, James and Wesley are in front of him. Madison wasn't with us he was volunteering at the Manna Ministry. William is trying to talk to me over his brothers and the noise from Wesley's toy.

W: I see a bird nest.
W: MOMA, I see a bird nest.
Me: Really, buddy
W: LOOK, LOOK, Moma right there.
Me: Oh' buddy I'm sorry I didn't see it.
Me: Was it a big one?
W: Yep, it was really BIG!
Me: Was it pretty?
W: Yep, really BIG and pretty!
Me: We'll come back home that way and you can show me the nest.
W: NO, Moma it not a nest, it a bird CHURCH!
Me: Really?!?
W: I fhink that where they (the birds) go to get bap-a-tized like James did.
Me: Maybe so.........

So, William saw a large, white, wooden bird house....or bird CHURCH. I didn't tell him that birds don't need a church or baptism...do they? Just Kidding! I figure you are only 3 once and he will know soon enough. I'm sure others would think I should have told him....well, I guess that's why I'm his Moma! The conversations with a child and their dreams are priceless. If you take the time to slow down, and look through the eyes of a child you never know what you'll see.


LeAnne said...

Laura, I love your blog. I found it through Beth's blog and I think it is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
I have to say that my son just turned 4 and those type of conversations are priceless. We have them all the time and I think, "Oh how cute, I should write that down" but sadly I usually don't. Later, I can never recall what cute thing he/they said and I wanted to share. Kudos to you for sharing it!!

The Journey Begins Here said...

I try to write down the funny words that my 5 year old says. He had to repeat it 4 times before I got it. He likes his pizza 'reglee-er' (with nothing on it...regular!)

William is such a cutie. But stop by because...tag, tag. You're it.