Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wesley is...UP!!!!

Well, it's 2:18am and I just put Wesley back to bed. I should be in bed, but now I'm wide awake...Ugh! I thought I'd give you a Wesley update, as long as the laptop battery stays charged. Last week I told you about the treadmill accident, and that I thought he had an ear infection. I did take him to the doctor a week ago Friday (I'm really behind on my post!) The doctor comes in and ask about Wesley's symptoms, as I'm telling him I notice him stare at Wesley's hand. So, then I proceed to say oh' yes and he also hurt his hand, knowing he was thinking....and this crazy Mom brought him for his ears...LOOK at that hand!! His face spoke a thousand words! After he looks Wesley over he says, "his right ear is infected but really I more worried about his HAND, you really should have brought him in for this!" OK, at this point I'm thinking as long as he stays in the room he can't call CPS...LOL! Then he says "I'm going to place him on some antibiotics to help his HAND, and it will help the ear infection too. I'll also give you a antibiotic cream to place on his hand twice a day until it's healed up." So now I'm feeling like the worst Mom award could be given to me, before I leave his office. I look at him and say " I have been putting triple antibiotic cream on it and keeping it dry." He then says "I know you have 9 children and try to home treat but when it's something like this please bring them in." This was another one of those times I felt like I had the words DUH' on my forehead. I wanted to defend myself and say really I don't try to home treat....look at our chart, it takes up a WHOLE shelf and you need hand trucks to carry it. Since January I have lost count of how many times I have been to this office, really go ask Dr. Fernando,. he will vouch for me. I didn't I just said "OK thanks...gurrr!" What does that have to do with why I'm up now? The antibiotic he put Wesley on was omnicef. Well, his hand is looking great and his ear seems to be better, BUT it gave him diarrhea! He woke up with a diarrhea diaper, and his bottom is covered in blisters. So, he's in a lot of pain and doesn't even want to be changed,bathed,or held to tight. I stopped nursing almost 2 weeks ago, these are the times I wish he was still nursing. He has been drinking out of a cup, but I got in the cabinet and found a bottle at 1:30am. Rocking him and the bottle of warm milk helped him calm down and go back to sleep. So, that's why I'm up, and still not sleepy...I'll wish tomorrow that I had been sleepy! As you read this post I hope it finds each of you well rested!


Christina said...

Oh no...I hope that his hand and ear continue to clear up good and the diaherra go away!

I noticed you asked about Rebecca on REnee's blog...shot her an email if you would like to know about blog remodel's LOL

Sunny said...

Poor Wesley. I hope his diarrhea clears up soon.

JennyH said...

Yeah, I am really behind reading here- but to make you feel better, we didn't take Joe in when he did the same thing to his hand. I took him in 5 or 6 weeks later when we noticed it wasn't healing correctly.