Monday, April 28, 2008

William is sick......Jonathan's ENT follow up

If you are tired of reading about my sick kids, you can skip this post. I'm sure most of you wouldn't believe it if I told you, we have never had such a long run with sickness. Our girls very seldom got sick when they were little. The only other time I remember having all my kids sick was when James at 10 months got the chicken pox and gave it to everyone else....oh' that was fun. About as much fun as all 11 of us having the flu this winter. I'm rambling, so I'll get on with the doctor updates.

William has had a fever for a week or so on and off, but low grade. Then, Sunday around 1:00am he got up to go potty, of course I was already up resetting Jonathan's pump...sigh... William was burning up 103.3 fever. Sunday he wouldn't eat said his throat hurt and threw up several times, which is hard when you haven't eaten. He didn't sleep well last night and was up for the day by 5:30am. He ask for water which I gave him and he then threw up. The thing that bothered me so much was, it had blood mixed with the water. He did this 2 more times, and after each time was just limp. I called and got him in to the doctor at 9:30am. They thought it might be strep, mono, or whatever? So, they did a strep test and ran blood work. It wasn't strep(none of our kids have ever had strep) or mono, they think bacteria infection, possibly even his adenoids are infected. William is now on antibiotics,and we should try to keep him away from the other kids...HAHA! He said that when he is done with the antibiotics, if he still has random fevers to bring him back for more blood work. I hope he feels like eating something tomorrow and the meds kick in.

Jonathan had his follow up on in tonsils, adenoids, and tubes today. They first did a hearing test, that he didn't pass not a surprise! Then he saw the doctor, who looks at him and says Jonathan looks great. Remember me saying this ENT is the head ENT guru for this area....and after his tubes were put in he tells me he's not sure they will stay in place very long because the ear is worn out and the goop is so thick. This being the same doctor who said from the first day we met that the ENT didn't use the best tubes, he didn't think Jonathan had a "true" hearing loss. Now today sits in his office and looks at me and says "I believe Jonathan has a mild hearing loss" like I haven't been saying this for 9 years and like today it was to be NEW news to me. I look at him and say "REALLY" and yes I say this 3 times. This being the doctor who the first day I took Jonathan to him made me feel like I'd not done enough for him with the other tells me what I already knew when I came to him 4 months ago. Ugh!!!!!! He then just sat and told me about hearing aids which we already have, and said he'll see us back in 6 months. I then said "do you REALLY think the tubes will stay in place for that long?" I didn't get an answer, to that question. So, I'm going back to see the audiologist in 2 weeks for another hearing play study, then get his hearing aids reprogrammed for the loss that it NOW shows. Doctors, thankful we have them but when are SOME of them are going to set their ego's aside and listen to the Mommas??? This ENT is the one who sent Jonathan to the sleep study, and we now know he has sleep apnea. So, there still are positives! Plus I can say have done all at this time we know to do!

Most the time when I hear that Jonathan can't hear well it bothers me. Today, God just held me and I felt him say "you knew, for I told you, I am the Great Physician" I also know that we are only here passing through this life...... one day " Jonathan will be given a perfect body in Christ." I thank God for that day, Jonathan may have DS, but each one of us has something...Thank you Lord for Eternal life in You!

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The Pauls' said...

Wow, what a glorious day that will be! No more sickness, no more pain. Thinking of you as you 'mother' your sick kids. Hope everyone gets better real soon!