Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thanks !!!

Family and friends I just wanted to say thanks for being patient with me on updating. I have great intentions daily on what I'll post, but don't always get around to it. On top of the fact I only type 40 words a minute :( The post on Elizabeth and the BW took me lots longer than I expected. I also just realized I never did a post on Wesley like I did the other kids. The picture also shows you the 10 other reasons I don't always get to post or update like I'd like. LIFE seems to have many things daily for me to do like....devotions, love my husband and kids, feed 10 people, educate 6 kids, wash clothes for 11 people, and makes sure chores are done. I truly enjoy all of these things and know it's my calling, not just my lot in life. I feel blessed beyond measure. Again, thanks for checking The Munck's Quiver.

Black Widow Spider PART 3

Part 3

Elizabeth did rest a little better after she was placed in a room. She was monitored every 2 hours on Thursday. They said they would see how it went and may let her go home that evening. She was still having the same symptoms they just weren't as severe, her pain level was at about a 4. She was still on the morphine, calcium gluconate, and was hooked up to the heart monitor. The only new symptoms were swollen watery eyes, and no appetite. By 4:30 that afternoon they decided it would be best to keep her another night. They wanted to get her blood pressure down and keep an eye on her pain, her muscles were still in knots. On Friday morning Dr. Leamon came by on his rounds to check on Elizabeth. He ask if a few others could come in and see her, and she said yes. We had no idea that meant 15 residents, it was little overwhelming to say the least. They each wanted to feel Elizabeth's abdomen to see the tightness in her muscles and the site of the bite. Several ask her questions and a couple ask the same question twice?! **Sigh** Then while ALL the residents were still in the room Dr. Leamon told Elizabeth thank you for allowing them to come in and look/speak with her. He then said "you are a text book case and we haven't ever seen this at TC Thompson before." Wish I had a dollar for every time we heard that while she was there. As they filed out of the room Elizabeth looked at me and said "I can't believe that many people could fit in here" some where even looking through the window. Elizabeth said "it looked like clowns piling out of a small car." Elizabeth was feeling a little better and around 10:00am they took her IV out and took her off her medicines but kept her on the heart monitor. By 12 noon they took off the heart monitor and let her take a shower. Elizabeth was still shaky and her muscles were very sore. The shower wore her out and she had to rest again. Around 3:00pm the doctor came back in and said she could go home, but take in easy for the next several days. He sent her home with 2 days worth of muscle relaxers. She only took 1 and said she didn't feel it helped any, she'd had enough meds in the past few days and didn't want any more. After coming home Elizabeth was very tired, her muscles ached, she had head aches, and still no appetite. It took her until Monday before she started to feel like herself again. We are so thankful Elizabeth is well, for the prayers, and medical care she received. Below this post is a post about the BW, and a link to all you ever would want to know about them.

Black Widow Spiders - DesertUSA

Black Widow Spiders - DesertUSA: "Caution - Venomous!

The venom of the female black widow spider is 15 times as toxic as the venom of the Prairie Rattlesnake. Only a minute amount of the toxin is injected in a single bite by the spider however, so they are rarely fatal. By comparison, the relatively large amount of injected rattlesnake venom results in about 15 to 25 percent mortality among those bitten.

The bite itself is often not painful and may go unnoticed. But the poison injected by the the Black Widow bite can cause abdominal pain similar to appendicitis as well as pain to muscles or the soles of the feet. Other symptoms include alternating salivation and dry-mouth, paralysis of the diaphragm, profuse sweating and swollen eyelids.

Persons with heart conditions or other health problems may require a hospital stay. (Heart and lung failure may result in death.) A physician can evaluate the severity of the bite, and give specific antivenin or calcium gluconate to relieve pain if necessary. Healthy people recover rapidly in two to five days.

First aid measures: Apply an ice pack over the bite location and keep the affected limb elevated to about heart level. Try to collect the spider specimen in a small jar or plastic bag for examination by a spider expert, even if you have crushed it. Treatment in a medical facility may be necessary. Call the Poison Center for additional information. Poison Centers across the country now have a new national emergency phone number - 1-800-222-1222"

UPDATE...New Dollar Coins and 'In God We Trust'

Here is an update on the dollar coin. Seems like in the 9th set of coins WILL have " IN GOD We Trust" This set of coins are due to come out in 2009. You can go to the link below to see all the information. New Dollar Coins and 'In God We Trust'

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In GOD we trust??? Do we???

This is the United States NEW dollar coin.
You may think a dollar coin sounds good.
You may have already received one.
Look at it closely, is something missing?
Where are the words IN GOD We Trust?

It is inscribed on the edge of the coin.

Not a proper place in my opinion.

So who do we trust? Think about this...... I believe the United States should hold firm to it roots, that our forefathers set before us. We love our country and pray Gods hand stays upon us, and that they add "In GOD We Trust" to the dollar coin where it's visible.

What was our Nation founded on???

"But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15

Wordless Wednesday...Wesley says YUM!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Black Widow Spider PART 2


We get to ER and the lobby is empty. I give the lady at the desk Elizabeth's name, and tell her poison control has already called ahead for us. She looks up and says have a seat...Ugh! I'm thinking WHY? are you busy...NOT! I walk over to Elizabeth who in pacing and tell her it will be a few minutes. Then the lady looks up and says again "just have a seat" I take a deep breath and reply " she can't she's in to much pain!" A few minutes later the nurse from triage comes out and calls Elizabeth's name. We go back and he weighs her and ask her what's her reason for the visit....I could feel my neck tense up. This guy was soooooo SSSLLLOOOWWW it wasn't funny. He is wanting Elizabeth to tell him what happened and she can't because of the pain, so I start to tell him. At the same time I'm talking he puts the blood pressure cuff on. He turns and says "don't tell me to much until I'm sitting at the computer, so I don't forget"....Elizabeth shoots me a look :( I wait til he gets seated to give any really important information. He takes her blood pressure 3 times and said "I just don't see how that can be right." It was right but it was VERY high for a girl her age and size 159 over 96, this is one of the side affects. Now, the time is 12 midnight and these are the symptoms she was having high blood pressure, racing heart, nauseous, sweats, head ache, cramping in her abdomen and lower back, and the site of the bite hurt. Speedy the nurse( oops! that wasn't nice of me) finally gets all her information and we head to a room. He puts us in a dirty room, he tells us to have a seat and he'll call someone to clean the bed. The guy that came in to clean well, I believe he was related to the triage nurse. He was slow as Christmas! He wiped down the bed then pulled the paper across it wet and said "wait til it drys before you get on it"...Really!? The bed and paper were wet..yuck, but it didn't matter Elizabeth was still up and pacing. All the other rooms were full so we waited 30 minutes for the doctor to come, I watched Elizabeth pace and cry the whole time...I couldn't help her and that's hard as a Momma! The Resident comes in and ask her to lay down and he begins to ask her the story, I tell it again. He questions if they really saw it and I told him YES, my husband killed it. He wanted to know if we brought it with us, no we didn't. Live and learn, seems like Elizabeth is always our guinea pig. (If you ever have anything like this happen, bring the bug even if you smash it) The doctor looks Elizabeth over and says he is going to get the head doctor. Elizabeth says they have to hurry I can't take it any more...20 minutes pass. While waiting the insurance clerk comes in for her information, she takes one look at Elizabeth and says "are they helping you?" I tell her that the Resident went to get the head doctor, but that was 20 minutes ago. She tells us insurance can wait I'm finding her a doctor, nobody should lay in a hospital in that much pain. By this time Elizabeth had started having severe buttocks, arms and legs cramps with spasms. Within 2 or 3 minutes of the clerk leaving the room the Resident and doctor appear. The doctor says he has heard our story and just can't believe it's a BW?! He tells us they have many people come in each year and say they "think" they were bitten by a BW. He said these people seem to only have one symptom and they never saw what bit them. I'm thinking... WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH MY DAUGHTER? He then says to Elizabeth "honey we are going to get you some relief" at this point I'm wanting to yell..."FINALLY!"(During this whole time I was praying for Elizabeth and that I remain calm, and Christ like...God was truly with us both!) He tells us they are going to come and do some blood work and put an IV in. Once the IV is in they will give her some fluids, morphine, and calcium gluconate(for the cramps,this is a heart medicine) It takes another 45 minutes to get to the meds...Ugh! Once the morphine was in she was able to lay down, the first time in hours. She was also put on a heart monitor because of the calcium gluconate, it can cause the heart to stop, this was a little scary. The Resident comes in and says they will watch her for awhile before they decide if they should admit her. Around 3:45 the doctor comes back in to check on her and see how her pain is. Even with all the meds her pain level was around a 8. Elizabeth's muscles were hard, tight, and she was still having spasms. The doctor said he just needed to admit her, and keep her on the IV meds and try to get her some rest/relief. Before he leaves the room he tells us this is the first TC Thompson's Children's Hospital had ever seen of this. He also shares that most BW bites only have a severe affect on the elderly or small children. Then he says there is an anti venom, but it's for people under 16 ...Elizabeth was 2 months to old :( sigh... that's our life. As, the Resident and doctor are leaving the room the doctor turns and say "she is a text book case for the BW bite, she has every symptom" Looking back if I had a dollar for every Resident, doctor, or medical staff that told us this over the next 2 days, Elizabeth's stay in the hospital could have been FREE! LOL Finally at 5:45 Elizabeth is settled in a room and left to rest.........

Wordless Wednesday...hello in there.....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My kids amaze me

You never know what your kids are thinking, unless you have one who is NEVER quite. I have a few of those. Then there are the ones who, toss you a bone every now and then. I guess that's what makes us all unique, you have the quick to speak or slow to hear. Then there are the things kids don't readily tell their parents. Even though we have daily devotions and talks, there are still things left unsaid. Our Amanda wrote on her blog something I thought was interesting, not something she has ever come right out and told us. If you get a chance check it out.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A new week...what's in store?

It's Monday and I'm praying for an uneventful week. We could us a week that we seem to just sail through....whatever that is?! Arthur has taken our van to the shop for the estimate, it's around $1,900. They are going to replace the side door. The passenger side of the van will have to be repainted too, it ran down the whole side. So, next Tuesday we'll take it and drop it off, we'll get a rental from Hertz (heard lots of negative about Enterprise lately:( I'm VERY thankful all has gone so well with the insurance and the wreck in general. We have a few doctors appointments this week, but that's the norm.I need to post the rest of the Black Widow story and a few tags. I hope to work on the kids school stuff, since January it's been crazy. Our kids took their T-cap test in March, so school has gone slow since then. I need to regroup and get organized, we school through the summer too. A couple of weeks ago I went to my annual homeschooling trip in Atlanta for 3 days. I purchase new curriculum for the next year and get energized again. So, now it's time to clean up the kids cubbies and plan for the summer. We will have a 11th, 9th, 7th, 5th, 2nd, Jonathan, and kindergartner this school year.....OK, I need prayer! Praise the Lord ! He guides us, for I couldn't do it on my own ability! Hope you all have a great Monday!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Black Widow Spider --- PART 1

This is one of those stories that's very long, this is part of the reason I'm just now posting about it. Wednesday night a week ago Elizabeth was bitten by a Black Widow Spider-BW for short. She was outside on the deck by our pool. The girls are wanting to have a swim party, so they decided to start getting the pool area ready for the summer. With the pollen so BAD all the outdoor furniture really needed to be cleaned. Arthur had gotten the pressure washer out to help. Elizabeth wanted to help with the pressure washer, so Arthur suggested that she wear a rain jacket. He went to our garage to get his rain jacket for her. She put it on and Arthur was starting the washer. That is when Elizabeth said she felt something, but waited to tell Arthur since he was busy starting the washer. Elizabeth then stops him and says she felt like something was in the jacket and may have stung her??? Arthur helps her get the jacket off and she shows him her upper left arm, it looks like a bee sting. Arthur takes the jacket and shakes it out, the BW falls to the ground. Arthur see it and kills it, then sends Elizabeth inside to me.

Elizabeth comes in yelling and crying. I wash her arm off, put peroxide on it, and give her some Benadryl, this is around 8pm. She said it hurt soooo bad worse than anything has ever hurt her, Amanda and I laugh (yes, we feel BAD now,and had to apologize!) she says this every time she gets hurt. So, I call my mom who is a nurse and ask if we should do anything else, she say we did good but apply ice, then watch her. By 9pm there was no change and Elizabeth wanted to go get her shower. After her shower she put more ice back on it because it was still hurting. We were talking and she said her chest was hurting on the left side. She says maybe I have heartburn what does that feel like. By 9:45pm she said she was tired and ready for bed, Arthur and I go in to tell the girls good night. While we are in their room Elizabeth says my lower back is really hurting. Duh! now red flags are starting to go up. Arthur and I tell them good night leave the room and Arthur heads straight to the computer. He looks up BW and the symptoms, she had 3 symptoms already! On the screen in big letters it says if you need any assistance call poison control. When Arthur was picking up the phone to call Elizabeth came up and said the pain in her back was so severe she couldn't lay down. I take Elizabeth to the kitchen to give her some pain medicine( what she had taken 2weeks earlier for her wisdom teeth) Arthur calls poison control, while Elizabeth is crying, pacing the floor, doubled over in pain. Arthur tells the lady at poison control the story and she says we have done all we should have, then Arthur tells her about the pain in her back and chest. She said get her to the hospital immediately, and then ask what hospital were we going to. Arthur told her T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital, she said she would call ahead for us. Elizabeth and I get in her car and we are on our way. I was going really fast on the interstate and praying I wouldn't get pulled over. Elizabeth was still having severe pain in her back and was unable to keep from moving all over the car, and forget her wearing her seat belt. When we were about 20 minutes from the hospital she became VERY nauseous. This was followed by the severe pains she started to have in her abdomen. A new symptom came about every 20 to 30 minutes. We pass a police officer, I tell Elizabeth, I know he has me and we don't have time to stop. He never left his spot and Elizabeth ,says he must be an Angel?! We arrive at the ER ............

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jonathan's OUT!

Our thrill for the day, because we feel the need to always have something going on was, Jonathan's NG-tube came out. This wasn't at the doctor's office but at home...UGH!!! Amanda was helping him take off his PJ top and put his shirt on. Well, at night we tape the tube to his shirt near his shoulder, it seems to help keep it in place. Amanda didn't see it was still taped down and when she pulled his shirt off it pulled on the tube. Out it came and the tape even came right off his face at the same time...crazy! I called his GI to see if I needed to bring him right in, they said "no". Jonathan has an appointment on Tuesday and they said we could wait til then. We had to get his weight today and on Tuesday before we go back in, this way they can see what he has done even if it's from our scales. We weigh him on packaging scales and they are very accurate. I think after the initial shock Jonathan felt like he was FREE at last!!! Or at least til next Tuesday, when he'll be mad at me again. I'm the bad guy who takes him to all these places to be poked on. Thankful Jonathan can have a few days break, and that he has a great GI doctor. Most importantly that the Master Physician is watching over Jonathan!

Wordless Wednesday...wish we were there!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Can we get a break???

OK, sometimes we just got to laugh to keep our sanity. Rebekah is in a Civil War sewing/ reenactment Camp this week in Chattanooga 45 minutes away. Today was her second day and she is loving it. I've been taking her in the morning and going back in the afternoon to pick her up. Well, on our way home we were in a car accident. YIKES!!! Thankful the others were home because the little boys were napping, yesterday they were all with me. It scared me and Rebekah to death, can't imagine if the boys had been with us. We were on the interstate doing about 65 or 70 mph when the van next to us hit us in the passenger side doors. TDOT and the police came out and made a report. So, glad that nobody was hurt, just the big red our kids call the 15 passenger van. I've always enjoyed driving our van and today I was very thankful for our large van. I think if we had been in a smaller van or car the damage would have been much worse. More than anything I know GOD had His hand upon us.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy 100th Mother's Day !!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

To busy for the Black Widow Story tonight

I thought I'd post a picture of Elizabeth in the hospital from yesterday. She was very swollen the picture really doesn't do her justice, it was taken on my cell phone. Her face was red, swollen, and her eyes lids were purple. She will probable be very MAD that I posted this picture....sorry Elizabeth. The story has been put on hold, after being gone for 2 days unexpected the family and house were calling me more than the blog. I was still trying to catch up from last week being gone to Atlanta for 3 days. We are back in full swing around here so, hope to post the story tomorrow. As, of tonight Elizabeth had eaten more, but still having muscle cramps and no energy. Thankful to be home to get some rest in my own bed....if Jonathan's pump doesn't go I say NEVER a dull moment, yet thankful for it!

Black Widow Spider...does damage!

Elizabeth was bitten by a black widow spider on Wednesday night. It's Friday afternoon and she was just released from the hospital. She is still having muscle cramps and is very nauseous. We are all tired and going to try and get some rest. I'll update the details tonight. Again, thankful for great medical care and God's healing hand. Please, keep Elizabeth in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update on Mr. Jonathan

Jonathan is doing well, and we can tell he is feeling out. YAY!!! His pump doesn't seem to alarm as much as it did the first few days. On average we are getting up two times a night, that I can handle. Until Monday night-Tuesday morning, the tube from the pump came out of the NG tube. It was a HUGE mess, yet he slept in it...Ugh. Yesterday, Arthur had to take his mattress outside just to dry and air out....the smell of vanilla pedisure is...pure YUCK!!!! I washed all the bedding and last night got his bed all put back together. At 3:45am this morning I go in to turn the alarm off on the pump to have, the thick sweet smell of vanilla hit me at the door.....NO not again! But, yes AGAIN! I pulled Jonathan out of the bed in a dead sleep, wearing saturated PJ's cleaned him up, and fixed the bed well enough so he could finish out the night. More I don't have enough already. I'm not sure this NG tube will make it another 2 weeks. Last week Jonathan had a couple of days that the end came out and his clothes got nasty. Thursday I went to Atlanta for 3 days and Arthur called me, they had a mess. Jonathan was sitting on the couch and the end came off, yuck seeped out on ALL the cushions. I felt bad I was gone and had to call my mom to come and help clean the couch. We have taped the end, we pull it up to his shoulder,we have crimped the end, and clamped it off, yet it doesn't always work. I didn't like the G-tube but I have a hard time remembering it being like this. I know this too shall pass....I'm praying for patience....AGAIN!

Thanks Mr. Mike & Mrs. Tara for the new "OOH" (elephant) it's now part of his support team!

Wordless blog or not to blog?

Wesley hides out in his brothers room, I think he wants to blog!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Amanda has started a blog

Amanda has started her own blog, she has been working on it for a coulpe of weeks.
I think she likes it, so I thought you may want to check it out and see what Amanda has to say. She is a precious young lady and I'm so proud of her. Great thing is we can count blogging as computer and part of school....there are advantages to homeschooling. Look fun and learning!!!