Thursday, May 29, 2008

Black Widow Spider PART 3

Part 3

Elizabeth did rest a little better after she was placed in a room. She was monitored every 2 hours on Thursday. They said they would see how it went and may let her go home that evening. She was still having the same symptoms they just weren't as severe, her pain level was at about a 4. She was still on the morphine, calcium gluconate, and was hooked up to the heart monitor. The only new symptoms were swollen watery eyes, and no appetite. By 4:30 that afternoon they decided it would be best to keep her another night. They wanted to get her blood pressure down and keep an eye on her pain, her muscles were still in knots. On Friday morning Dr. Leamon came by on his rounds to check on Elizabeth. He ask if a few others could come in and see her, and she said yes. We had no idea that meant 15 residents, it was little overwhelming to say the least. They each wanted to feel Elizabeth's abdomen to see the tightness in her muscles and the site of the bite. Several ask her questions and a couple ask the same question twice?! **Sigh** Then while ALL the residents were still in the room Dr. Leamon told Elizabeth thank you for allowing them to come in and look/speak with her. He then said "you are a text book case and we haven't ever seen this at TC Thompson before." Wish I had a dollar for every time we heard that while she was there. As they filed out of the room Elizabeth looked at me and said "I can't believe that many people could fit in here" some where even looking through the window. Elizabeth said "it looked like clowns piling out of a small car." Elizabeth was feeling a little better and around 10:00am they took her IV out and took her off her medicines but kept her on the heart monitor. By 12 noon they took off the heart monitor and let her take a shower. Elizabeth was still shaky and her muscles were very sore. The shower wore her out and she had to rest again. Around 3:00pm the doctor came back in and said she could go home, but take in easy for the next several days. He sent her home with 2 days worth of muscle relaxers. She only took 1 and said she didn't feel it helped any, she'd had enough meds in the past few days and didn't want any more. After coming home Elizabeth was very tired, her muscles ached, she had head aches, and still no appetite. It took her until Monday before she started to feel like herself again. We are so thankful Elizabeth is well, for the prayers, and medical care she received. Below this post is a post about the BW, and a link to all you ever would want to know about them.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Man, I am SO glad she is ok now! This whole story just had me reeling! Keeghan had a high fever last week and was not feeling well and had a spot on his thigh that we couldn't figure out and I just kept thinking of Elizabeth and maybe it was a BW. Thankfully he's fine now... still don't know what the spot was! Anyway, thanks for the info on the BW too! BTW any time you guys want to come up here, play Wii, and swim, let me know!!! We'd love you have you!

Theresa said...

Darn, I have such a reaction to mosquito bites. I could really get nutty thinking about he BW.

I am glad that she is feeling better.