Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thanks !!!

Family and friends I just wanted to say thanks for being patient with me on updating. I have great intentions daily on what I'll post, but don't always get around to it. On top of the fact I only type 40 words a minute :( The post on Elizabeth and the BW took me lots longer than I expected. I also just realized I never did a post on Wesley like I did the other kids. The picture also shows you the 10 other reasons I don't always get to post or update like I'd like. LIFE seems to have many things daily for me to do like....devotions, love my husband and kids, feed 10 people, educate 6 kids, wash clothes for 11 people, and makes sure chores are done. I truly enjoy all of these things and know it's my calling, not just my lot in life. I feel blessed beyond measure. Again, thanks for checking The Munck's Quiver.


Mrs. Tara said...

oh you busy lady....... i just miss you very much! i want to make sure i have this wordless wednesday down- you just post a picture with a title- no words just picture -- i am going to start doing that if i can ever remember to do it on a wednesday

Take My Life... said...

The BW story scared the crap out of me!!!!
we have them a lot here!!!
Hugs to you guys!!!

JennyH said...

Your busy?? No way! I'm surprised you even have a minute to get on the computer!!

I will get to that award soon. We just got back from vacation. Thanks for thinking of me! You are testing me to see if I know how to make links- I guess I will be figuring it out soon!

Christina said...

Well I'm so happy that you started blogging. Whether you do it all the time or just occasionally, I am glad we've met and are becoming friends!

Theresa said...

My goodness. Who would ever expect you to keep up with a blog and all of the other stuff!? I only have TWO!!! Hey, is that you in the back holding the baby? I need a better picture of you. I don't really know what you look like.

I know you have been by...the new feed thing. I can now tell people visit my blog. Yippee. But it's like an answering machine with lots of hang-ups. Ha ha.

Anyway, don't worry about keeping up with this silly thing. We all know you have 10 other reasons, more important reasons, too.

Love you, Theresa