Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Update on Mr. Jonathan

Jonathan is doing well, and we can tell he is feeling out. YAY!!! His pump doesn't seem to alarm as much as it did the first few days. On average we are getting up two times a night, that I can handle. Until Monday night-Tuesday morning, the tube from the pump came out of the NG tube. It was a HUGE mess, yet he slept in it...Ugh. Yesterday, Arthur had to take his mattress outside just to dry and air out....the smell of vanilla pedisure is...pure YUCK!!!! I washed all the bedding and last night got his bed all put back together. At 3:45am this morning I go in to turn the alarm off on the pump to have, the thick sweet smell of vanilla hit me at the door.....NO not again! But, yes AGAIN! I pulled Jonathan out of the bed in a dead sleep, wearing saturated PJ's cleaned him up, and fixed the bed well enough so he could finish out the night. More I don't have enough already. I'm not sure this NG tube will make it another 2 weeks. Last week Jonathan had a couple of days that the end came out and his clothes got nasty. Thursday I went to Atlanta for 3 days and Arthur called me, they had a mess. Jonathan was sitting on the couch and the end came off, yuck seeped out on ALL the cushions. I felt bad I was gone and had to call my mom to come and help clean the couch. We have taped the end, we pull it up to his shoulder,we have crimped the end, and clamped it off, yet it doesn't always work. I didn't like the G-tube but I have a hard time remembering it being like this. I know this too shall pass....I'm praying for patience....AGAIN!

Thanks Mr. Mike & Mrs. Tara for the new "OOH" (elephant) it's now part of his support team!


Beth said...

POOR GUY!!!! I hope this passes soon for you guys!

JennyH said...

Patience, patience!! I'm always looking for more!
Hope you can get it all taken care of with no more messes.

The Journey Begins Here said...

Wow, Laura, you have many new posts that I have not read. I am taking tomorrow off. I have finished my PTO term and teacher week is coming to an end.

I'll stop back to read each one.

Love Theresa