Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun with friends

Last Thursday Rebekah the boys and I set out on a day trip to Nashville. This wasn't just any trip this was a trip we had been looking forward to for some time. We were going to Dave & Buster's to meet Renee and her kiddos. We had a great lunch, and then the kids had a ball playing games afterwards. Renee and I did get a little time to chat, as much as you can with 11 kids between the 2 of us....really we had a ball. We are looking forward to seeing them again.

One day I hope Renee, Christina , and I can all get together. Both of these ladies have been such a blessing to me and I'm so thankful to have them as my friends. Ok, as for this group picture of the kids it's AWFUL ! Renee and I laughed and said guess we should have taken one when we first arrived. This was taken as we were leaving...ALL the kids were pooped out. From the ones I took this was the best, I guess that tells you something....we had a great time and now it was time for naps!!!


Christina said...

Awww, I can't wait till we can get to TN again so that we can all get together! I liked the picture :) and I am JEALOUS! LOL Wahhhhh I want to come there now!

Beth said...

How awesome!! I looked at the picture and thought "isn't that Kennedi - am I on the right blog?"!!!!

How fun!!!!!

Theresa said...

Love it! Was that the first time you met? Everyone looks like they needed a nap. Did you get one too?

Love T

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

We had SO much fun!!! I need to get my pics posted! Yes next time, we'll DEFINITELY do the picture FIRST! haha

JennyH said...

Sounds like fun! Although with that many kiddos to keep track of I don't think I would have gotten much adult conversion in!