Friday, June 27, 2008

Handmade Dolls

I love crafts and things that are handmade. When I had more time I enjoyed cross stitching, scrap booking,and any other craft other than sewing. My grandmother Nonnie has tried to teach me how to sew several times, without any luck I still can't. Nonnie is 88 and has made everything under the sun from, quilts, drapes, comforters, coats, clothes, dolls, and makes it look so effortless. That gene wasn't passed on to me, but Rebekah was blessed with it. Rebekah is just 13 and is very gifted with her hands. She can tell me of something she's thinking about sewing, and hours later comes out of her room with the finished product. (Arthur bought me a sewing machine years ago, glad someone can now use it. I lost the book to the machine, but even without the book she has it up and running.) Rebekah enjoys going and spending afternoons at Nonnie's sewing. A few months ago she wanted Nonnie to show her how to make rag dolls. In just 3 afternoons Rebekah came home with these 2 dolls. Nonnie said other than the face Rebekah made both dolls by herself. She also said that she thinks Rebekah has such an unbelievable gift with sewing, coming from my Nonnie that was a huge complement. Rebekah has always struggled with school work because of her dyslexia, but working with her hands seems to be a breeze. I'm so proud of how far she has come with her school work this past year, but more so that she is seeking to use a wonderful talent the Lord has blessed her with. I thought everyone else might like to see Rebekah's dolls.

I still need to post Rebekah's pictures from her Civil War sewing camp. It was amazing to see what all they made in just one week. I'll try to do that next week.


Theresa said...

I love the dolls. Amanda is learning to sew also. I am hoping she will teach me some day.

Hey, I need to post that award. Can you email me and walk me through it?

Thanks for the comments. They brought tears to my eyes.

Love you, Theresa

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Those are beautiful!!! Tell Rebekah good job! I think I need to hire her to make Kennedy some halo clothes! haha

The Pauls' said...

I neither was blessed with the sewing gene:(
Those dolls are beautiful!
Great job Rebekah.