Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jonathan's surgery is set

Jonathan at T.C. Thompson's Children's Hospital at Dr. Screws office. He was a happy boy he didn't get another NG tube that day and he got the pinto pony he's been wanting....I'm a push over.

I kind of left everyone hanging on the feeding tube story, sorry I seem to be good at that. Jonathan went back to the doctor 5 days after the feeding tube came out. We weighed him the day it came out and he had gained 1.9 pounds in 3 weeks. Then I weighed him the day he was going back to the doctor he had lost 1.5 pounds in the 5 days the feeding tube was out.....sigh.
Dr. Screws said by their scale he had only gained 7 oz. after the loss. The feeding tube was and is the answer. So, Tuesday June 3rd (Arthur's birthday) we went to see Dr. Carr the pediatric surgeon. Dr. Carr is the doctor who has preformed ALL of Jonathan's stomach surgeries. The first surgery being when Jonathan was only 10 hours old, and Jonathan was 8 weeks early. We know he will be in good hands and we're happy Dr. Carr will be taking care of Jonathan again. He has preformed 4 stomach surgeries on Jonathan before, and know he will take good care of him this time also. A G-tube for the most part isn't that big of a deal, but for Jonathan it is. He doesn't have the "normal" stomach, his is special just like him. His stomach is a real mess inside. He has had duodenal atresia repair, relining of his intestines, duodenal tapering, fundoplication, hernia repair, and G tube. This will be his second G tube, he got the first at 19 months and had it until he was 4 1/2 years old. This is a road we've traveled it's just been sometime. For those who may wonder yes we could have gotten another NG tube but he would have had to get it changed every 4 weeks...not fun. Then there is the other big thing NG tubes are a pain, and it's hard to play and live a "normal" kid life with that silly thing hanging out your nose. Last but not least it's the whole everyone STARES....UGH...Jonathan doesn't need that, so this will be the best for him. Not sure how long he will have it but they feel like it will be for awhile... whatever that is?!
Please, keep Jonathan, Dr.Carr and the staff in your prayers. He will go in Monday, June 9th and stay for a couple of days. I will try to remember the (Amanda you are so kind to share!) laptop, to update.


The Pauls' said...

Praying for you!

Beth said...

oh wow! what an ordeal it sounds like! We'll certainly be keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers!!

Happy belated birthday to Arthur!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

We will be praying! When are you coming here?! Call me!

Mrs. Tara said...

oh my- you guys have had a rough year- I am just going to camp out at your house and pray.... please, please keep me updated. How is Jonathan?

Sunny said...

Antalya was born with a complete duodenal atresia. She had to have surgery right after birth to correct it. Is that what Jonathon's first surgery was? Has everything else been related to the duodenal atresia?

Jonathon will be in our prayers, and you too!