Friday, June 20, 2008

Sickness...almost gone!!!

Here is a quick run down on the boys sickness.

Arthur is feeling much better.

William is now better, and made it to 2 days of VBS.

Stephen is taking meds for an ear infection, but the virus is gone. He made it to 3 days of VBS.

James is better from the virus, but became very sick on Wednesday. I took him to the doctor, then the hospital for x-rays ....he now has pneumonia...sigh...and is being treated for that. He seems to feel much better today and he made it to 3 days of VBS.

Jonathan well today was a BIG day for him, we saw a glimpse of the Jonathan we know and love. He didn't make it to any days of VBS, but got to go to work with Daddy at the store today. He had a ball and didn't want to come home when I got there, he stayed all day. That's a long day in a shop that doesn't have a cozy spot to rest.....well at least not for humans, just dogs. (we have in times past caught the girls napping in the kennels, it's to funny!)

Madison and Wesley they have been well since Monday and made it to all 5 days of VBS !!!

We are praising God for His MANY blessing in sickness and health. I'm praying now to remain on the healthy side of things for a little while.

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