Friday, June 20, 2008

Vacation Bible School 2008

VBS started on Monday and ended today. It was a wonderful week filled with fun and learning.
We had a total of 853 children and workers. Each morning we start out in the sanctuary for prayer, music, offering, and direction of what Gods truth is for the day. It was a Hawaiian theme this year called Outrigger Island. The offering this year was taken up for missionaries that our church supports. Our goal was $3,000.00 this year , that about $1,000 more than we have ever taken up during VBS. As, of Friday afternoon the goal had been exceeded the final total was $5,725.31. The boys and girls gave and gave, along with some very generous donations. I LOVE missions and I'm so excited that much was raised. We even had 3 mission families in for this week from Kosovo, West Africa, and Uzbekistan. On Thursday night we have a family night with hot dogs, popcorn, Icees, cotton candy, a petting zoo, pony rides, and 19 inflatables some water and some not(Tara is that # right?) The children enjoy this night and we get to see some of the parents we haven't met before. We have an amazing team of workers who put this fantastic week together each year. VBS is so much more than a week of fun and crafts, it's helping others to see God/Jesus as the light of the world the...."I AM". I tell my family each year unless I'm bed ridden I will always work at VBS, it's missions in your own back yard! I've thought about this a lot today, do I give as much as I get from VBS. Each year I set out praying and trying to be a vessel for Him, and each year on Friday afternoon I sit and think...who got the blessing??? I believe I receive more blessings from the children I'm with than I could have ever given.

VBS-verse of the week Psalms 86:11

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