Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going Bananas....

Often times I feel like I'm going bananas. Those times seem to be the worst when my house isn't in order, like right now....I should be cleaning NOT writing a post. Oh' well the mess will still be there in a few minutes when I'm done. I just wanted to share James' banana story.

James loves monkeys, they are his favorite animal. As, much as he loves monkeys he also loves bananas. He likes all fresh fruits and veggies very much and, isn't picky at all. By far though bananas are the top on his list. One night he ate 3 bananas with his dinner(we were having breakfast foods for dinner), and then he ask for a fourth. I said NO!That's NOT the norm to give him that many, I was just a tired Moma that night. Arthur and the girls were out of town. So, at times I call James "Monkey Boy". When I said he likes fresh fruits this means, the banana must be all yellow with no brown spots. That's where the story/conversation with James comes in. I was giving him a banana with his breakfast and here's how it went.....

Me: James would you like a banana?
James: yes, Mam
Me: OK (then I hide so he doesn't see it's a little brown, and then I cut out a spot)
Me: Here you go.
James: (He looks at the banana) Moma it's damaged! LOOK!
Me: It's OK James.
James: NO, Moma! It's really damaged....LOOK!
Me: James it's fine.
James: NO, they sold you a damaged banana!
Me: James it's fine just eat it.
James: NO, Moma. We need to take it back.
Me: Sigh....James I cut a bad spot out of it, it's fine now just eat it.
James: You are trying to feed me a bad banana, are you the one who damaged it?
Me: No, James.
James: I don't think I can eat it.
Me: Then give it to William, he will.
James: I can't give William a bad damaged banana.
Me: UGH!!!! Than just throw it away.

James did trash the banana. I'm sure he wonders now if I feed him damaged fruit and veggies all the time. Got a love a kid who will eat all his fresh fruit and veggies(raw or cooked).


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

ROFL he and Kameron are two peas in a pod... or bananas in a peel! hahaha

Beth said...

That is hilarious!!! That sounds like something Bella would say!!

Theresa said...

...and Daniel! Once the banana get too dark I through them in the freezer so I can make banana muffins. Daniel told my mom that I NEVER buy him bananas. I only use them in muffins!

I love the accusation that you are feeding Wesley damaged food. Shame, what kind of mom are you? LOL.

Love you, T

Theresa said...

Sorry for the spelling errors. I am trying to catch up on blogs before the kids wake up!


A Walk in My Flip Flops said...

James James James, I just now read this, and love it. Try not to feed the Boy amy more BANANAS!!!