Monday, July 21, 2008

Laundry in the summer!

I love laundry in the summer time. A few months ago I did a post about LAUNDRY and that I enjoy it. As you can see I like to hang some of our laundry outside to dry.I do this for several the way laundry dried in the sun smells. It also helps with the electric bill, by cutting back on the amount of times the dryer is ran. Last but not least it keeps the color of the clothes looking newer longer. I know this to be a fact, Wesley is wearing some of Madison's clothes. These are clothes that are 10 years old and have now been worn by all 6 of our boys. I'm thankful boys styles don't change like girls! If, you wonder what I do in the winter well, I hang the clothes on drying racks and hangers in the house. It makes for a messy look so I try to hang the clothes before bed at night, in hopes it will be dry by morning. Often times people ask us how can afford to have 9 kids. Most of the time we just let them know we try to be good stewards with what the LORD has given us.....even down to the clothes/laundry. I still like to be the one who washes the clothes and hangs them out to dry. Elizabeth and Amanda help fold the laundry. Rebekah helps gather the dry laundry and she now irons! She really enjoys ironing and what a wonderful blessing that is for me. I think Rebekah may have my gift of laundry...I still question is that a spiritual gift? LOL Everyone is responsible for putting his or her own laundry away. Well, today I've done 4 loads and still have some to go....from the week end, and with Arthur and Madison going to camp it's gotten me behind. So, off to more laundry :)


JennyH said...

WOW! That is a lot of stuff hanging up! You are so funny to make a slide show of your laundry! I'm doing lots of laundry today. Hope you got caught up!

The Pauls' said...

Yup, never a shortage of it around here either!
I like to hang clothes on the line in the summer too, but right now our clothes line is out of commission because we had to take it down when we re-sided the house. We hope to get another one up real soon. I miss it. Our girls take turns every week doing laundry. Although like you I enjoy doing laundry, there is just not enough hours in the day for me :) What a blessing to have children to help out!

Theresa said...

I tried to be that person that hung clothes out. But that is not me I am sorry to say. I find it to take up too much time when I could be cleaning something else (or reading YOUR blog.)

I like to read about how you enjoy the simple things in life. Isn't that God's goal, for us to find joy in all we do? You are doing a good job at that.

Love T