Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mr. Safety & Mr. Destruction

Mr. Safety (aka William) and his small buddy Mr. Destruction (aka Wesley) seem to hang out more and more lately. Mr. Safety loves to show Mr. Destruction how things work and what toys are most fun to play with. Mr. Safety also likes it when Mr. Destruction is in the playroom with the safety gate up, in his high chair, or in his stroller in the picture. This way Mr. Safety can keep a better eye on what Mr. Destruction is getting into....which most of the time is anything "NOT nailed down"! Mr. Destruction looks sweet and innocent, yet what's under that sweet exterior is a Master of Disaster! He is into everything the only time he isn't is when he's asleep, thank you Lord for 3 to 4 hour naps each day! The whole disaster thing really seems to bother Mr. Safety who is very calm and easy going. So, he has taken on as his mission in life to make sure Mr. Destruction always has someone watching him with a close eye. This has it's good and bad, poor Mr. Safety never gets much of a break. This is what I hear all day long......

Mr. Safety...."Moma"
ME................"Yes, Buddy"
Mr.Safety...."Look at what YOUR son is doing"

Then the other day we were all outside in the back yard and this is what I hear from a far........

Mr. Safety....."Daddy"
Arthur....."What William"
Mr. Safety..."Look at what MOMA'S son is doing"

Ok, why is it he always must be MY son when he's into something for the millionth time that day? Well, I'm thankful Mr. Safety loves Mr. Destruction so much that he watches out for him. Just pray one day soon Mr. Destruction will catch on to some of Mr. Safety's ways and follow them.


JennyH said...

That is funny. I'm sure you get sick of hearing it though. Sam is always telling me what Max or somebody else is doing -- the whole day! I get tired of her being a tattle tale!

Looks like Mr. Safety is on the job.

Beth said...

That is hilarious!! How does he already know when to specify whose son he is? Cracked me up!! Sounds like something Bella would say!!!

We could use Mr. Safety at our house most days. Do you contract him out?