Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time for clean up!

This was the end product of our hard work, everything back as it should be! We all seem to function better this way.

Out of Elizabeth's mouth "it's time to clean up when the baby can't find his toys"! Yesterday was the day for the big toy clean up. The toys are in our family/playroom. For some time we have had most the toys separated into storage containers. These are mainly the toys with small or many pieces. The larger toys like trucks, balls,books, and Wesley's baby toys are out at all times. The boys have to what we call check out a storage box of toys. Then we
inspect to see all the other toys have been put away, they are able to get out another box of toys. With summer, not much structure, and a Moma who hasn't been at the top of her game for the past few weeks, the toys were taking over. We put Wesley down for his nap and set off on our mission. With the cleaning efforts of Jonathan, James, Stephen, William, and myself we were done in a 3 hours....thankful for Wesley's long naps. As my kids like to say it could have been done faster if we didn't have to clean it Momas way....which I like to remind them is the right way. We had 2 trash bags full when we were done, with toys that had missing/ broken pieces, and a few for Goodwill. Elizabeth vacuumed really well and now we are back on track. Wesley was thrilled after his nap to see the room in order and his toys in their resting spot. I'm hoping to start school back full swing on Monday and I needed to get things in order. With 11 people in one house keeping things in order is a must....or is it a must for Momas sanity and peace?


JennyH said...

looks great! Toys have a way of taking over don't they?!! Order is a must for mom's sanity! I know I get grumpy when toys are in every inch of our house.

Good luck with Monday.

Theresa said...

Hi Laura,
I clean your way also...with trash bags. I also want everything in their right containers. Legos, cars, lincoln logs, trains, etc.
I have a lot of catching up to do. Where do you find time to blog?
Love T

Michelle said...

I can only imagine how many toys you have with 9 kiddos! I think Kayla has way to many lying around the house and she was only 1! Now we've brought some of the baby toys back out for Lucas and my living room is shrinking LOL