Friday, July 18, 2008

The Tooth Fairy...on the 1st night!

The Tooth Fairy came to our house last night on the first try! Unlike the last time we needed her to come for James a few weeks ago. This time it was Jonathan's turn to place his teeth...yes 2 teeth under his pillow. Jonathan had to have 2 bottom teeth pulled yesterday, by the dentist. We have never been able to pull his teeth like the other kids. We will look and his new adult teeth will be coming in before the baby teeth are even loose. It would take Jonathan a lifetime to loose his teeth, the roots are always longer than the tooth it's self. Yesterdays teeth made his 7th and 8th to have to be pulled, and he may need 2 more in August. Having Jonathan's teeth pulled is like a cake walk, his pain tolerance is so high. Dr. Chad said yesterday that Jonathan is the best kid and acts like getting his teeth pulled is nothing. Yet Jonathan hates to get them cleaned go figure!? Anyway, they are going to keep a close eye on his teeth, to see how the new ones are coming in and if they have enough room. Jonathan's mouth is so small and his baby teeth were so crowded, it makes me concerned what his adult teeth/mouth will look like if we don't keep on top of it.

The tooth fairy left Jonathan 2 books...not sure it was a big hit!?! I'm thinking she'll choose to leave something different next time :)


Mrs. Darling said...

My 7 year old just lost his tooth yesterday. Thats incredible that your sons teeth dont fall out on their own. At least he doesnt mind having them pulled.

Theresa said...

I had to have many teeth pulled. The dentist said I had extra teeth. Great, how about something useful like extra flexibility or extra brains.

He is a real trooper! I don't mind the dentist myself but I can see the teeth cleaning thing. Curtis calls our dentist 'The Butcher'.

Love T