Saturday, August 30, 2008

Am I a Feminist???

After my last post I had several people question me about that post, and whether or not I'm a feminist. This is why I don't talk politics. I simply stated the election was taking a turn. I said I was excited to see who John McCain picked as his running mate. Again NOT because she is a female, but because of her stand of being pro life, and her choice to keep her son with DS. I also said that we should prayerfully consider who we vote for........PRAYER being the MOST important factor of ones decision!

To answer the question, Are you a feminist?
NO! I'm not, I might be the furthest thing from a feminist.
God blessed each of us by giving us choices in life, my choice is to be my husbands helpmate. It's pretty hard to be a feminist with that mindset. Being a helpmate has put me in very different roles from one end of the spectrum to the other. Like working full time in our family business,while Arthur was going through colon cancer and chemotherapy. This was out of my comfort zone, but where God placed me for a season. God did some amazing things during this time. To the present being a wife/helpmate and mother.....the highest calling I feel that can be given. I feel blessed to be back in this role.

I like to read Doug Phillips blog of Vision Forum. Read this BLOG post it has some interesting points, on feminism.

Titus 2:4-5

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Mrs. Tara said...

oh my precious friend- I am sorry some have referred to you as a feminist- nothing could be further from the truth. Furthermore- your post was so moving about Sarah Palin and how her family has walked where you guys have- I read the whole post to Mike. He thought it was really good. Matter of fact I am in my "weepy" stage right now and I cried reading it. I am so thankful for people who value life - especially having walked through all we have. if some only knew and understood what a true blessing children are and the ability to have those children. I have realized more than anytime in my life the last 4 1/2 weeks what a blessing that truly is in life. I love you!