Thursday, August 14, 2008

Construction Crew...NOT!

Wesley looks so cute in his lite blue construction crew outfit, the only problem is it's false advertising! He is still such a mess and it should read Destruction Crew . Remember the post about Mr.Destruction ? Well, he still seems to be wanting to perfect his destruction methods, he's truly VERY good at what he does...sigh... I'm not sure if he is keeping me young from all the running or making me gray. James even said yesterday "Moma, I'm tired Wesley has worn me out". If you knew James that's hard to do because, he's Mr. Energy. So, if your needing to have any home demolition done or wanting to work off a few pounds, I'm thinking about hiring Wesley A.K.A. Mr. Destruction out. Just let me know the dates :)


Theresa said...

I want to lose 6 pounds...but I don't need any demo done at the moment. My new carpet on the steps and hallway looks pretty good. I am tired of home improvements.

Maybe next summer. LOL

He is so cute.

Love T

tlstaz6543 said...

That look in his eyes says it all....he looks as though he is eying something to get into.

Very cute. :)

The Pauls' said...

Actually......we do need an old house taken down on our yard. Does he have any plans for this fall :)

Sometimes I wish I could bottle their energy and use it when I feel depleted !!

Sunny said...

Too bad I didn't know sooner. We could have used him when we were tearing apart our kitchen :)

I love all the recent pictures. Your kids are too cute. And Jonathon with the mohawk did look pretty cool.

JennyH said...

He sure is cute!
I have a couple of "Destruction Crew" members myself. Maybe if we put them together they could tear down a few house on one day!