Thursday, August 28, 2008

A fresh start....

This is our living room, the room you enter when coming over to visit. We like to try and keep this room tidy and organized. I guess it could be all the time if it didn't house a lot of our school books. I wanted to start this year off with everything in it's proper place. 6 kids and I dusted, threw away, Goodwilled(I know that's not a word) and organized to get it all in order. Elizabeth stood back and said "Mom it looks like shelves out of a magazine". I know it won't stay so straight and lined, with many fingers combing through the books, but the love for reading and learning is worth it.

The bottom cabinets are for home school stuff. The baskets have labels on the front with the subjects they contain. I hope to one day have some bookshelves/ cabinets like these in our family/playroom to house more of the home school stuff. I could feel that set of bookshelves and cabinets quickly from the closet, school crafts in totes in my laundry room, books from the girls room, and the misc. wicker baskets of books throughout the house. Maybe then when people come over unexpected they wouldn't see school stuff out in the front room. I guess that's wishful thinking. We school, do some chores, school, do chores, play, and school. Our life is a mix of daily living, school, and fun.....not really sure in what order, it's all important. I'm thankful to have the privilege to be with my children daily, I enjoy teaching and sharing all these things with them.

Now that we are in full swing of school if you come over unexpected, this is what our living room looks like with all the books put away.


JennyH said...

That looks so nice.

I often think I should take a picture of our playroom right after I clean it. Since the next time I look it there will have been a tornado (or elephant) that has gone threw it!

The Pauls' said...

Looks great!

I need to do that soon to our school/book shelves too!

I love the idea of everyone having a basket to put their own stuff in.

The Pauls' said...

Guess I read wrong.
The baskets are for individual subjects. That's a great idea too:)

Christina said...

That is gorgeous! I wish I had one of those bookshelf storage things in my house!