Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday Night Out.....

Arthur, the 4 Big Kids, and I had a fun night out on Friday. We went to the Olive Garden to eat and, even had desert.....not something we do often. The 5 little boys enjoyed their time at PNO watching a movie, making crafts, playing games, and having a snack. We picked them up by 9:15pm, we were all missing them. I find it funny how we all were looking so forward to our night out but, in the end were just a excited about picking the boys back up. After we had all the boys in bed I went into the family room, and Amanda was sitting on the couch. She said "it's nice to be home and all together". We were only separated for about 3 hours. I'm so thankful our children have a close bond and see the value in family.

Several people have ask to see a recent picture of Arthur and I it is. We neither one like pictures of ourselves.....but who does?


Theresa said...

First thanks for the kind words. I could feel your arms giving me a big hug.
Second, I counted five children, then realized that the one next to Arthur is YOU! That's the first picture I have seen of you. You are more beautiful than I imagined.
Thank you for your support. God is keeping me quiet so I can listen to Him.
I will update tomorrow.
Love Theresa

JennyH said...

What a fun time! That is so sweet the older kids missed the younger ones so much.

We went to Olive Garden today. We just love that place.

Sunny said...

Sounds like a fun evening. I hope one day I can have a family with as much unity as your family has.

The Pauls' said...

Looks like a lot of fun.
I know, it's good to have some time to enjoy big people things, but little ones sure make things exciting. Never a dull moment!!!
Glad you had a good time.

Also glad to see a photo of you all. Especially of you and Arthur.
It's nice to put faces to your names.
Laura, you look so young! I just had to say that to someone else :)
You and Arthur look like an amazing, blessed couple.

Kerri said...

Hey there, I hope you are all well. Let me know how Jonathan did with his g-tube. I do hope he handled everything OK. I just loved that our GI doctor insisted that the kids handle getting their g-tubes so well, just some discomfort for a day or so. Ummmmm, yeah, and what planet did our GI doctor come from? My little guy was in pain for a week!!! I soooo hope Jonathan will fare better than my guy did!! I tried looking back to see why Wesley had to have an upper GI. I saw that he was throwing up. Did you get the conclusive results back on the stomache empty test yet? I know Jed didn't pass the first time table, but he did pass the second. He was deemed normal. So I pressed the doctor as to why then did my son keep throwing up. He just said, "Well everything is normal (upper GI, stomache empty test and barium swallow test), so he shouldn't be throwing up". Yeah, that was helpful! Big hugs to you all. I do hope they find something. Well, yes and no, as you would hate for something to be wrong, but I am sure you would like answers. Every time we do another test I am hoping we will find something, anything, just so we can then go and fix it. Ok, sorry to go on and on.

God Bless,

Michelle said...

How nice to have the PNO! The base used to do that here - we received free childcare and we had to go to one of the clubs on base, but they stopped because there wasn't enough participating. Ugh! I don't understand why parents didn't take advantage of that opportunity to go have dinner w/out the kids!

What a neat idea that you use that time to go out with the older kids; how special that must be for them!