Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How much are you loved?

Tonight William, Wesley, Jonathan, and I were out on a golf cart ride at sunset. It was very beautiful and peaceful out, which lead William and I into this conversation.......

William: Moma look at the BIG orange sun.
ME: I know William isn't it pretty and who made the sun?
William: God did. God is really really big. Did you know that.
Me: Yes, William I did.
William: That's how Him made the sun, cus Him is big, not like you.
Me: Well, William who loves you the most?
William: You Moma
Me: No, God does William because He made you. He made you and gave you to me.
William: Oh'
Me: I love you as big as the world.
William: Moma, I love you a big as a trash can!
Me: Thank you William, silly boy

Isn't that true love for you?! When he told me this we were behind our store next to the dumpster. So, I hope he was speaking of a trash can that large and not an ordinary household trash can. Then, at least the love is on a larger scale. I'll take his stinky love any day!!! So, how much does your 3 year old love you?


JennyH said...

That's funny! To a 3 year old, the trash can must be huge!

The Pauls' said...

Things are so simple and tangible to a 3 year old! I love it!