Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jonathan's NEW G BUTTON

WARNING******* Graphic Pictures


Jonathan got his new "G" button today...YAY!!!! He was such a good boy and didn't cry but, he did LOTS of whining.....fear of the unknown. He's scar tissue on the outside around the site is pretty puffy and inflamed , it had to be cauterized. Jonathan was very happy to see the new button in and the old one gone. It's been hard on him to have the old one, he was uncomfortable with the way it would dangle. He kept it tucked in his waistband of his pants but it still bothered him when it would drop, it pulled on his tummy. When he got off the table he told me "good" and gave me a thumbs up. He also showed me his arms lifted as if to show me his muscles and said "strong" this is something he tells us often when he feels he did well. He's really just to cute and has a funny sense of humor. I almost for got the most important thing before surgery he weighed 45.6 today almost 3 months later.....DRUM ROLL.......50 pounds....YAY it's working! Jonathan won't go back to see Dr. Carr until December, when he'll get his button changed out. This was a wonderful day for Jonathan.....thank you all for the prayers. We as a family have been beyond blessed with having Jonathan in our lives, we thank God for him.


JennyH said...

He is so cute. Wow- what a weight gain.

Kerri said...

Oh, I am so happy to hear that it went well!! May I ask what you are putting into his feedings? I have switched Jedidiah to a homemade formula and he hasn't thrown up on it, which is what he was doing on Alimentum. But I am always, always looking for other ideas. My sister told me to buy a really good protein powder to put into his formula. I'll be getting that this next week. I also plan on increasing the amount of fat I put in as Jed will need extra calories to recover from his kidney infection. Anyways any ideas or info on what you are doing please pass along when you have the time. I have not read all of your blog, but see that your poor Wesley is ill with something. I will be praying. I am not sure if sickness is an issue (I know no one likes for their kids to be sick, but it is more serious for some kids to get just the common thing) but you may be interested in checking out some of the supplements from Beeyoutiful. They really seem to be reasonably priced and I have not come across anyone who's tried their products that has been disappointed. http://www.beeyoutiful.com/
And before I leave I must say that Jonathan is just the absolute cutest! Again, I am so happy things went so well!

The Pauls' said...

Yeah for Jonathan!!! I could just hug him he looks so sweet!

Hope Wesley is feeling better since last post.

Praying for you all :)

Michelle said...

that's great to hear how well he did with it and that he likes this one so much better!

Jennifer said...

So glad he did well!