Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Backpack

A few weeks ago we won a NEW backpack from Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes It's a Lands End backpack and it's great. Jonathan doesn't leave home without his backpack, I know this one will get a lot of use. I wanted everyone to see the new backpack and the things that will be carried in it. Jonathan's night-night, Groovy Guy, Webkinz, and Doodle pad are a MUST in his backpack. As for the pull-up, extra clothes, and Jonathan's hearing aids ......well those are all things his Momma would pack! Are you wondering why not wear the hearing aids???? If he wears them in the van by the time we get there he has them disassembled. Let me tell you it's NOT fun looking for tiny hearing aid parts in a 15 passenger van :( Thanks again Michelle for the awesome backpack!!!!


Theresa said...

I just packed Daniel's red backpack tonight. He drug everything out of the supply bag and went through it all again. School starts Sept. 3rd!

Love T

Michelle said...

I'm glad you guys like the backpack! It seems like it'll be the perfect fit for all the things he likes to carry around :) The little side pockets are probably great for his hearing aids!