Thursday, August 21, 2008

One crazy week....

This has been one of those weeks! Glad I have a palm pilot to keep up with our appointments or, we would have missed most of them. If, you don't know me well let me tell you I'm a home body. I love to be at home and I know I'm a much better mom on the days we don't have to run to and fro. So, here is a glimpse of our week so far......

Monday: Madison had to go back to the doctor, he still has his rash. At present it's as bad as it was and covering more area. The only place it hasn't is his feet and the top of his head. FYI it's NOT poison's well, they aren't sure maybe an autoimmune something???? 2 doctors in the room first one says "very odd" the other says "yes fascinating simply fascinating". So that started out our week. With another week of meds, a new lotion, and an antihistamine. If, this doesn't do the trick we off to a dermatologist. Poor Madison is still scratching ALL OVER!

Tuesday: I had a dentist appointment that morning, for a cleaning . Then I spent the rest of the day preparing for Miss Amanda's birthday party. We always have a big family dinner with just our family, then we'll get together with the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. I believe we are going to do that this Sunday.

Wednesday: Wesley had to go for his 12month shots. YES, he is 17 months but that's what happens when you can't keep a little one well enough to get them on time. He got 2 shots in his arm and, 3 in his broke his heart. He has grown but he's still a little guy, he now weighs 24 pounds and is 31 inches tall. While there I told Dr. M about Wesley spitting up all the time, now to many to count in one day. He has done this for awhile. Before it just went into his mouth...YUCK, but now it's so much it's coming out. I ask if he thought it was reflux, he said "yes or a hernia". So, tomorrow at 9AM we are going to the hospital for X-rays and test. Pray for Wesley, he can't eat before he goes....UGH! Tomorrow morning is going to be hard for him, he wakes between 6:15 and 6:45AM every morning and is starving ready to eat. We put him to bed late tonight praying he will sleep in. This never really seems to work for our kids...we'll see.

Thursday/Today: Madison and Jonathan had a dentist appointment. Madison had an old filling replaced and, Jonathan had 2 more teeth pulled. (He didn't put them under the pillow tonight) Elizabeth's Art Class started back for the year, she was so excited to go back. She came home this evening with a project already. I had to go with her to pay her fees and speak to her teacher but....the best part is this year she can drive herself...YAY!!!! This afternoon Rebekah had an orthodontist appointment, next month she should be getting the braces off. That calls for another BIG YAY!!!!! that means one less appointment each month!

Friday/Tomorrow: I already mentioned Wesley's morning appointment. But I didn't mention that tomorrow night from 6-10PM is PNO(parents night out) at our church. Our children love it and so do we! They offer it once a month from August thru May and twice during December. One of the December days being a full day on Saturday, to help parents get some shopping done. The age goes from birth to 5th grade. The price is out of this world $3-1 child, $7-2 children, and $15-3 children and can't bet that! Years ago PNO was just for Arthur and I, when all our kids could go. Now that we have big kids we try to use this time to do something fun with them.....just focused on BIG Kid stuff. One of our customers(she has become more like family after 4 years, with baking us goodies and loving us) gave us a very nice tip/treat last week. So, tomorrow night Arthur, myself, and the 4 oldest are going to go out to eat...not fast food. I look forward to the conversation(without someone needing something cut, poured, or covered in ketchup) as much as the dinner. Yet, like every time we're not all together as a family we miss the other kiddos and, are so very ready to pick them back up.

With a week like this are you wondering how school went this week....that's another whole post. I'll have to save it for another day. Don't forget to sign up for the contest/give away.

Even on weeks like these I'm so VERY thankful that I have been blessed with children to haul to and fro. As I've said before, I feel I'm one of the richest people in the world. Maybe not by the worlds standards but by Gods standards.


Theresa said...

School? Now when would you even have time for that? LOL.

Love T

Michelle said...

oh my goodness- what a week you've had with appointments! I'm like you - a homebody - I much prefer to just sit and hibernate at home LOL