Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on Wesley

We haven't gotten the results back from Wesley's upper GI. They said it will all be in tomorrow. In the meantime Wesley has come down with "something" not sure what. Sunday night he had a fever of 103, no other symptoms. James did the same thing last Sunday and Monday so, I wasn't to worried. Monday his fever was only 100-101, he didn't eat well but acted fair. Today he was fussy, I wasn't home most the day. I was with Jonathan at the doctor in Chattanooga. When I got home Wesley was down for his nap and didn't get up until 5pm, his fever was back up. We noticed at dinner he has 2 sores on his tongue and his gums are swollen. Before bed his fever was 103.2...poor baby. I'll be calling the doctor in the morning for an appointment. The bad part is he'll have to wait until the afternoon before I can take him. I have to take my grandmother Nonnie down to Chattanooga in the morning for an eye appointment, she has a torn retina. I don't like to be away from my kiddos, much less when they are sick. I'm praying he feels better in the morning and, Nonnie's appointment goes smooth so I can get back to my little sick guy!

Life is NEVER dull !

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Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear how sick he is! I hope they figure out what is going on and he gets better soon!