Thursday, August 28, 2008

UPDATE on Wesley

I took Wesley to the doctor yesterday afternoon. His fever was still up around 101-102, and his mouth was covered in sores. It wasn't hand,foot, and mouth. He has a viral infection, his left ear was also infected. He was put on antibiotics for his ear and viral infection will have to run it's course. This morning he is still very fussy and running a fever. The sores on his lips and tongue look the same,and his gums are still inflamed and swollen. I think part of his being so fussy is due to the fact he isn't eating well. He has to be hungry fluids can only go so far, plus makes his spitting up worse...UGH!

They finally had the results back for his upper GI. It didn't show reflux, but did say his stomach is VERY slow to empty. Then the doctor said " think we still should try the reflux medicine, because the test aren't that accurate. We'll go on the fact he's still spitting up". Not sure about you but, I was thinking then why did he have to got through a test that's not that accurate, when now your going to put him on medicine on my word he's spits up...sigh! I ask about the stomach emptying so slowly and she said that could be part of the factor of his spitting up. Anyway, we go back in 2 weeks to let them know if the medicine is working, if not then they'll send us to a GI.

A side note my grandmother Nonnie has a detached retina not torn. She'll be starting her treatments for that next Friday.


Kerri said...

Oh your poor little guy! I am sorry that he is feeling so yucky. I am supposing that they told you this already, but if not there is a medication to make the stomache empty out quicker, called Regalan. Not sure if I spelled that right. Anyways that may be our next step for Jed if he starts throwing up with his new formula (which he hasn't so far!).

Your comment doesn't have your email,so here is mine: kjpechin at yahoo dot com.


JennyH said...

Poor little guy. Sounds like no fun at all! Hope he gets better fast. Prayers for your grandmother as well.

Michelle said...

oh it sounds like he's just miserable! Praying the antibiotics kick in and he starts feeling better soon!

I don't know if I mentioned this already or not, but I love your header picture! It's amazing you could get them all looking at the same time :)