Monday, August 4, 2008

We live with a Super Hero

James is.......Captain Underpants
Even with a cedar chest FULL of costumes, my kids love to create their own costumes. Or, should I say secret identity. On Friday James came into the laundry room wearing this get-up. Not knowing what I should call him, I ask "who are you". James placed his hands on his hips and stated with a loud proud voice "Captain Underpants". What a silly boy. I think the part of the costume that got me the most wasn't the burp cloth as a cape on his back but.....the DIRTY bib. Wesley had just worn that bib at breakfast and it had cereal all over it. James didn't seem to mind, I guess he thought it added a little more character to his costume.


Sunny said...

I love the costume! And way to go Jonathon on winning the red backpack. I'm sure you posted an update and I've missed it, but I was wondering how Jonathon is doing. Is he starting to gain more weight?

Theresa said...

Cute but ewww!

Love T

Jennifer said...

I love it!! Such creativity!

JennyH said...

what an imagination!