Sunday, August 3, 2008

We won......

We entered a contest last week for a backpack from Michelle
at Big Blueberry Eyes. She drew the name on Friday which was her birthday...Happy Birthday again Michelle....and
WE WON! I have never won any contest EVER, so we were very excited. The backpack will go to Jonathan who as you can see in the picture is wearing his backpack. He wears his back pack every where he goes. You may even remember this picture of Jonathan from one of his medical update post.
The red backpack is like Jonathan's trade mark. Like our sweet friend Mrs. Tara said one day "I knew it was Jonathan coming as soon as I saw the backpack". Now even the doctors know him by his backpack, and all the treasures he places in it to help occupy his time while waiting to be seen.
So, we are very excited to have a new one coming. Guess what it's RED! YAY!!!!! We'll post a picture of Jonathan with the new pack when it arrives.

Thanks again Michelle!


Theresa said...

Daniel's favorite color is red and so is his backpack.

No, I didn't paint his room red like he requested. It is sky blue. The second color is a surprise. He is going to hate it. He requested orange. It's not quite beige-tan. It is more of a flesh color. I love it!

Love T

Michelle said...

congrtas again! I'm excited he won it! I hope he likes it :) The backpack will actually be shipped from Land's End and I think it comes UPS so be on the lookout :)