Friday, August 29, 2008

WOW! The elections taking a new turn.

I speak about politics a lot, just not on my blog or in public. OK, I talk about it a lot with my family. This presidential election has been a hot topic in our home from values and morals, to gas prices, and the war. My kids keep Arthur and I on our toes with the questions they ask. So today I was very excited to see who John McCain choose as his VP. NOT because it was a female but because of her son, Trig who happens to be blessed with a special gift from God T21. Trig is like our son Jonathan in 2 ways having Down syndrome and being the 5th child. I found an amazing STORY about Sarah Palin and her family. In this story they speak about when, how, and what they thought about having a child with Down syndrome. They also tell of being ask if they wanted to abort the baby.....obviously the answer was NO. This story hit home and spoke volumes to me. You see she was 4 months along when they were told Trig had DS, and were given a choice on whether or not to keep him. I too was 4 months along when we found out Jonathan had DS, we were also ask the same question. For Arthur and I there wasn't another option we DON"T believe in abortion. A choice is am I wearing red or blue today, a choice is am I going to eat another cookie or not, a choice ISN'T do I want to carry this child that God place in my womb or have an abortion....because selfishly people think it would make their lives easier. So, for the mom who normally post pictures, medical updates, day to day life happenings, and silly sayings.....You now see what hits home! I would say dinner time conversation tonight will be very political. If you haven't already started, then start today and prayerfully consider who to vote for.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you.
Jeremiah 1:5

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Theresa said...

I missed this post. Thank you for clearing up the definition of 'choice'. I have never seen it more clearly.

Love you,

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