Friday, September 19, 2008

On the road again.....

We are off on another weekend trip, this time to Memphis. This is a big deal for us to be gone from the store. Last weekend my niece Melissa worked for us to go to Philip's birthday weekend. This weekend is different, we are closing the store from Friday to Monday. We normally only take off one week in April and one in November. When we heard that The Maxwell Family was coming to Memphis for a conference we knew we needed to go. This is the same conference Arthur and I went to in California , this past January. We received such a blessing from the conference that we wanted our children to be able to attend. The Maxwell's have been homeschooling for over 20 yrs, have 8 children, 2 grandchild (1 has gone to be with the Lord), and have written many books not just about homeschooling. I can't tell you how excited I am...YAY!!!! We are going to try and leave around 8 am(Arthur's time) which means 9am(my time)......I'm always behind but, so much better than I use to be. Arthur said "I'll be glad to be on the road by 9:30am". I'm really going to do my best, I want to surprise him and be ready on his time not mine. The kids are all packed, the house is in good shape, and here I am on the computer. I can't ever sleep before a trip....could be to much coffee?! While in Memphis we are going to try to take in a few sites, and meet up with Brian Arthur's nephew. Even looking at a 6 hour drive ahead, I know it will be well worth it.

The Maxwell Family also has a blog. It gives a glimpse into day to day life on the road and of the building of their home...all the work being done by the family.

Praying for God's hand to be upon us and travel mercies.


The Pauls' said...

That sounds like a great time.
If we weren't in harvest time and so very, very far away we would join you:)
Hope you have a great time.

JennyH said...

Have fun!!

Yeah, for a trip- we are usually an hour behind too! Can we blame kids!??

Anonymous said...

hey this is hannah satterfield my mom and dad are david and tracy satterfield. we saw you guys had a blog and checked it out. we have'nt see you guys in a long time. my mom and dad's email address is my mom and dad would like to get together with you guys. Erica and i have a facebook if you want to check us out. see you soon...
hannah satterfield

Kerri said...

Oooohhh thank you for the info on the toy bins! We do have some smaller bins to keep the toys contained, but there are just too many accessable at any one time. I'm not sure if I am organized enough to do the one box at a time system :-) I was looking farther down that page and am in awe of your girls' room!!! Oh, I do believe I'm on the verge of coveting :-) I really, really, REALLY want to get our walls painted! They are all white, all primed, no real paint on them. We have all of our girls (4 of them) in one room (thier choice) and we are in desperate need of getting proper beds. I love the bunks! We have one bunk bed and two mattresses on the floor. Ok, enough about my house!

I do hope your trip went well. We saw the Maxwells about 3 years ago. I would love to see them again, they are coming to our state again soon. However with the church we are in I am sure my hubby will see no need to go :-) I'm fine with that. DId you get to look at their new homeschool book? I am really interested in it.

Have a wonderful day!