Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sick Kids

Written Sunday night...... never posted

Around 3:15 am I'd say it was official the start of sick kids. James awoke to vomiting in his bed, then the hallway crying for Arthur and I. He then proceeded to vomit every 15 minutes, for the next 4 hours.....he was so pitiful. He just keep apologizing to me, saying "I'm sorry Mama, I know your tired". OK, that really broke my heart to think in his suffering he was still worried about me. I continued to tell him, I was fine and was more worried about him, than needing sleep. We placed him in our room on a pallet. Arthur looked at me and said I hope this isn't like the time one by one EVERYONE ended up with the stomach was a nightmare. The saddest part of that story was not that ALL 6 kids had it, or that I was 8 months pregnant with Stephen and also had it, BUT....that poor Arthur who never ended up getting sick had to clean up after ALL of us. Our pool area was covered in sheets hanging over the fence, he'd take them out hang them over the fence and spray them off. In the end we threw away 2 comforters, and had to call the carpet cleaner. That's like the stomach flu story of all times....thankful we aren't at that point this time.

Amanda woke up at 6:00 am vomiting, too. Also in her bed...UGH...not a fun clean up. You would think at her age she'd have made it to the bathroom, but if you saw how high her bed is you'd understand. (I'd link you to the girls room pictures, just don't have the energy. If, you would like to see their room go under house, I think...I'm not much help.) Amanda has been in bed all day, and James hasn't vomited again, but now has diarrhea.

I never posted this because, James started vomiting AGAIN while writing....

Update as of Monday....10:30 am

James slept through the night....YAY! But, woke to vomiting :( So, he's still sick. I've decided that he needs to spend the day in his room, that way the germs are contained in his room. Our house reeks of Lysol and my hands are rough from all the washing......ah' the joys of sick kids.

Amanda is better and went to the store with Arthur this morning, I'm pretty sure she slept hers off.....thankful she's back to the land of the living.

Are you all like me and always wonder where the virus came from. I know silly thought, but I do always wonder. In my mind I run down all the places we could have gotten the virus from, seldom do I come up with an answer. THIS time I think I know, it came from from Wesley. Now the question comes up again where did Wesley get it? I don't have any idea. It all comes back to even if I did know what could or would I do about it.....NOTHING. So, why I waste time wondering, I'll never know.

I never mentioned last week that Wesley was sick. He woke up Monday and threw up in his crib, but hasn't again. He was had diarrhea since last Monday, it's been the kind that requires a bath after each time he goes. On average he's had a bath 3 or 4 times a day, some days have been better than others. He still has a pretty good appetite and hasn't been grumpy at all. I won't give you details about his stools, but will say that crayons don't even brake down in your system when your sick....truly enough about that!

So this morning I've already had my shower, done 2 loads of laundry, give Wesley 1 bath, did school with Stephen he only has math left, the list will go on from there.

Things on my list today....
* grade some school work/ school with the big kids
* can some tomatoes
* make some bread
* call for 2 doctors appointments for Jonathan
*work on a closet we're trying to clean out and make into a craft room

As I said this is MY list, we'll see what God has in store....I'll let you know :)


The Pauls' said...

So sorry! I know what it is like to have many sick kids at once. Not fun. Praying the rest stay well. Where do those germs come from anyway. It's probably good we can't see them or find out or we'd lock ourselves in a bubble. What's always puzzled me is how everyone can get sick except one? How do they get to miss out?

Christine said...

Yuck! It is so crazy when the kids get sick like that. Thankfully my kids seem to stagger the sickness and I usually don'thave more than 2 sick at a time.
Also, thanks for the comment on the REcycling Organization post I wrote. Did you know that you don't have to live in Hamilton Cty to recycle there. I don't live in Hamilton cty either so I just wait until I'm driving nearby and make a trip with all the recycling. I learned about that on a field trip last year and we have been recycling ever since. I guess they just want people to recycle where ever you are.
christine @ Live to Learn

JennyH said...

Sick kids- NO fun. Hoping everyone is feeling better and that nobody else has gotten it.